Thursday, 4 August 2011

Interview with my Imagination Part Two

Today I’m able to share with you an interview I held with Libby Marchant, the main character in my novel ‘Diary of a Mummy Misfit’.

We met at her small but homely cottage in South West London where she served me builder’s tea (“No poncey Earl Grey here!”) and misshapen but delicious ‘Moist Muffins’.

"So, Libby, many people have asked the question, if you and Ned aren’t the usual prep school parents, why did you decide to follow that route for your son Max?"

"Well it was really the classic case of living in a great little area where, sadly, the schools were failing.  As we’ve only got one child at the moment (at this point she blushed and looked a little thoughtful) we thought if we gave up holidays and luxuries, school fees would be do-able."

"Is this a decision you’ve lived to regret?"

"Oh God, no.  Of course, it’s been tough at times but Max is so happy at Manor House we wouldn’t have it any other way.  And, of course, we’ve met our good friends Fenella and Josh."

"Ah, yes, Fenella. I had the pleasure of interviewing her a while back.  I'm only just recovering from the hangover.  She’s quite a character isn’t she?"

"I honestly don’t know what I’d have done without her.  She’s been a true and loyal friend throughout all my highs and lows and she always manages to help me see the funny side - usually with a bottle of Moët!  (Here Libby stroked Dog’s head lovingly and straightened ‘his’ bandana).  When the ‘Meemies’ were really at their most vile, she stood by me and helped me to believe in myself."

"You mention the ‘Meemies’.  Who are they and what are your true thoughts on them?"

"Well … (looking a little embarrassed) you’ve heard of Yummy Mummies?  Meemies are usually yummy and often mummies but they’re not nice inside.  It’s all about ‘Me, me, me’ - hence the name.  They crave attention, covet the latest designer handbag and talk about people behind their backs.  If you don’t fit in, it’s a bit like a grown up version of school bullying."

"And do YOU fit in?"

(laughing) "What do you think?  No of course I don’t.  We live in a piddly ramshackle cottage with a leaky roof and a Heinz 57 dog who’s definitely too large for my non-designer handbag. Plus, we never go on holiday and I buy most of my clothes in charity shops."

"I noticed your dress. ‘Ghost’ isn’t it?"

"Yes, I got it in the Oxfam sale last week.  It was marked down to £3.50.  Not bad, huh?  I also got some more trackie bottoms for my neighbour, Mrs S, to wear under her sari.  They say “Pimp my hide” and are her favourites at the mo!"

"Mrs Sengupta, yes.  Quite a hoot, I hear!  What’s it like living next door to her when she’s constantly trying to set you up with her gorgeous son, Pritesh?"

(another blush) "I love Mrs S to bits and wouldn’t change her as a neighbour for the world.  The matchmaking can get a bit wearing but both Ned and I take it in our stride.  Not much else we can do is there?  As for Pritesh, he’s usually OK once he’s had a swift slap on the wrist."

"So finally, as we approach a new term, are you panicking about where your next chunk of school fees will be coming from?"

"Ah, now that’s sneaky.  I couldn’t possibly say.  You’ll just have to read the book to find out, won’t you?"

At this point Libby took a phone call from her gay friend Nic, who was demanding she go on a shopping spree with him as he’d been invited to a society wedding and didn’t have a thing to wear!

If you’d like to find out more about Libby and her mad life amongst the Meemies, you can download ‘Diary of a Mummy Misfit’ at Amazon for Kindle/PC or Smartphone.  For any woman who’s ever felt like she doesn’t belong.
Also 'Interview With my Imagination Part One' (Fenella) here
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