Thursday, 25 August 2011

A Stick of Brighton Rock

How many people have you met in your life who you believe are good, through and through?  The type who don’t seem to have a nasty bone in their body.

You must know who I mean - those who you can’t imagine ever having a bad word to say about anyone, but will always see the good in people.

I bet you can count them on less than one hand.

Let’s be honest, most of us have our bitchy side.  I don’t claim to be perfect (far from it!) and I’m often guilty of making a comment about someone (known or unknown) that should possibly have stayed inside my head and never been voiced.

But then you meet those who you know never think badly of anyone.  What a lovely way to live a life. To find yourself in a place where you always see the best - to never judge, criticise or snipe but just accept others for what they are.

I would say that my lovely husband comes pretty close to one of these types but I’ve heard the comments he’s made on the hugeness of somebody’s bottom or the fact that a particular person should never have worn their chosen outfit.  So, sorry hubbie, not ‘nil point’ but possibly ‘sept points’ for niceness.

If we’re talking ‘dix points’ for perfection, I’ve met two of the species - an aunt and an in-law (who I’m not prepared to give any further description of, for fear of embarrassment!)

My aunt has sadly passed away now but I can’t remember her ever uttering a nasty word.  She glowed with ‘niceness’. She giggled through life, and not in a dippy, girly way - she was just quite simply kind, decent and content with herself and others.

My in-law is a quiet person.  They ooze peace and love.  Their presence is calming and silently wise.  A nod of their head can speak volumes.

Oh, for their inner calm and non-judgmental outlook.

Logically thinking, who are we to judge others?  What gives us the right to comment on another’s life or their choices?  Why should we clutter our brains with others’ decisions - whether that’s something as simple as a dodgy outfit or as complicated as drug or alcohol abuse?

Perhaps we all need to remember the quote from ‘To Kill A Mocking Bird’: “You never really know a man until you stand in his shoes and walk around in them.”

Would this make us all more forgiving and tolerant of one another if we took this on board?

I know in my heart that I go through life always doing the best that I can by people (and I still find myself in trouble).  I have the occasional bitch but deep down I believe I’m a kind person with a good heart.

I’d still like to be one of the ‘dix points’ group though and, just like a piece of Brighton Rock, have pure ‘niceness’ running right through the core of me.

Where would you put yourself on the scale and how many of the type do you know?

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