Sunday, 28 August 2011

A Writer's Rant

Dear Publishers       

Today I am hacked off, peed off and miffed.

It’s been a while coming, and I think I’ve done pretty well to hold off to this point, but today it finally hit.

You see, oh Great Ones, you missed out on me.  You let me slip through your net and we’re both losing out as a result.

What’s brought this on, I hear you ask?  Well, on my shopping trip today I saw a ‘proper published’ author signing copies of her books in W H Smith and I just had that little pang of ‘It should have been me’.

An advance from you came so tantalisingly close but, sorry, close is just not good enough anymore.  You backed out on me when the recession started to bite, and I’m going solo with an eBook instead, but now the bitterness is setting in.

I look at my reviews on Amazon and the majority of people who have bought my book say it’s a crime it’s not in paperback.  I also have countless people telling me that they would love to buy my novel if only it was in hard copy.

Doesn’t that tell you something?

It tells me that I have an audience out there who I’m not reaching.  No matter how hard I try, and how much I promote, I’ll always be missing out on a group of readers beyond my grasp.

Had I been a celebrity with a ditzy plot (obviously ghostwritten), I’d be splattered across the shelves before you could say “Jordan”.  But I’m not.  I’m just a little ol’ newbie with a good yarn to tell and (hopefully) the knack of giving readers a giggle.

The fact that I was asked by your top people to start on the sequel to Mummy Misfit (which I dutifully did), and that I’ve also started on my next project, add up to nothing.  The word culls and re-writes I was asked to complete can only have made my book better, but the fact remains I’m an unknown and that’s as far as you can see.

I was told by my agent that you’d given me ‘unprecedented praise for a first time author.’  (I have the emails to prove it!).

But where did it get me?

I’m prepared to spend every single day honing my craft.  There’s nothing I enjoy more than sitting down and working on my next project - I’m a grafter.  How many bloggers do you know who manage to post every day?  At the risk of boasting, I’m also promoting and writing every single one of those days.

Surely I’m worth taking a chance on?

So, publishers, I’m here for the long haul.  This is my dream and you won’t take it away from me.  I’ll keep on with the slog and I WILL make this work.

If you fancy lining your pockets by taking a chance on a newbie, you know where to find me …

… slogging over my laptop and churning out the next book for those who have asked for it.

Where else?

Yours sadly

Mummy Misfit

‘Diary of a Mummy Misfit’ is only available on Amazon for Kindle, PC or iPhone.  Check out my great reviews and if you’re a publisher, get in touch!!  Now also in paperback at Lulu. - because you missed out!


  1. it is redicuous that you dont have your book published-kep the faith though. It will happen xxx

  2. First of all, like you, when I see the likes of Jordan being described as an author, it literally turns my stomach... infact, don't even get me started on that one...

    However, NEVER give up! It's an absolute crime that you were overlooked purely because somebody was just too weak to take a chance on something they obviously had some kind of faith in - for you to get as far as you did they must have seen something! They want shooting!
    But you're one determined and talented lady and I, for one, wish you all the luck in the world, because you deserve it. Don't give up, don't let it get you down, just keep on doing what you do, building up that fan base, and hopefully one day you'll get there. And you can finally stick your fingers up to those that were too weak and scared to take a chance on you before.
    And I'll always be around to support you, remember that. :) xxx

  3. Good for you! It's a shame that publishers are taking so few chances on new authors. They missed out on a fantastic least it's not too late for them. Let's hope they wise up and put Mummy Misfit out in paperback. In the meantime what an incredible opportunity to be an indie author. You've already accomplished so much and touched so many readers. Keep it up, the hard work will continue to pay off!