Tuesday, 30 August 2011

A Week in the Life

Following in the footsteps of the lovely Frances Lewis (motherventing) I’m going to tell you five things that happened last week in the life of a Mummy Misfit.

We collected our son’s GCSE results.  The rain was pelting down and the skies were black (‘pathetic fallacy’, our son told us, remembering this from his English lessons!).  Well, he was right on the money where his English result was concerned - a C grade!  This didn’t really come as a surprise - he may have sprung from the loins of a writer but it’s his least favourite subject - he can spell any word in the English dictionary, has a fantastic vocabulary and the memory of an elephant but, ask him to write a structured essay and it all goes t*ts up!  Anyway, he managed to get 5 As, 3 B’s and 3 C’s.  Considering he took these exams a year early and missed almost two years of schooling due to school phobia (see older post) we were incredibly proud of him.  He achieved the grades he needs to do his chosen A levels - so it all begins again.

We then celebrated with his best friend and his family - a cosy dinner with drinks in the garden to start.  We toasted our boys’ successes with a cool glass of wine whilst the evil mozzies feasted on my deliciously succulent legs.  Gggggrrrr!  What is it with mosquitoes and me?  They just adore my blood and quite simply can’t get enough.  I’ve spent the last few days wriggling about and scratching like a leper. My normally slender ankle turned into a blotchy swollen ‘cankle’ and my calf looked like I had the muscle of a Russian shot-putter.   I HATE THEM … what purpose do they even serve?  I’m thinking of starting a ‘Down with Mozzie’ campaign.  Anyone want to join me or, if not, at least let me know why we have to share the planet with them?

We also had hubbie's sister and brother-in-law over from Australia for a few days.  The British weather was kind to us to begin with but on their last day it delivered what it does best - grey and constant drizzle.  What did we do with our guests who had travelled half way round the world to London?  We went bowling and then returned home to play Guitar Hero!  But then, as another rellie pointed out, I suppose it’s not what you’re doing, it’s who you’re doing it with.  A great time was had by all!  Especially when my sister-in-law decided to be the ‘Granny Go-Go Dancer’ in the mosh pit!  Oh and I also received the most fantastic Mummy Misfit apron from hubbie’s other sister.  It’s just perfect; frills, polka dots, a low cut neckline and even bling on the pocket.

I downloaded and read fellow Indie author Michelle Betham’s eBook, ‘Too Much Trouble in Paradise’.  This confirmed to me that publishers are missing out on a wealth of talent and now ‘sisters are doin’ it for themselves!’ (AKA, collectively with Laurel Mayer, the ‘Fabulous Feisty Indies’).  She whisked me through her plot with sparkling dialogue and the constant niggling question as to who the love-torn heroine would end up with.  Please support this new writer and, if you’re looking for a giggle with some Northern wit in the sunshine, you won’t be disappointed.

The final piece of excellent good news we received this week is that my lovely nephew may finally be well enough to return to his part time job in October after being unable to work since last December.  Let me share this lovely chap with you.  Born prematurely, 38 years ago, he has learning difficulties.  You couldn’t wish to meet a more sociable and lovable guy - the life and soul of any party with a smile that can light a room and some pretty mean dance moves!  Just before Christmas last year he started to have pains in his side with violent bouts of sickness.  He was finally diagnosed with pancreatitis as a gall stone had made its way through the lining of his pancreas.  This could have been life-threatening.  Christmas was a blur for him (and a massive worry for our family) as he was on constant morphine and rigged up to an epidural.  Endless procedures later, he finally left hospital five months later, although still attached to drains and feeding drips.  I don’t know of anyone who could have endured what he went through while still (mainly) managing to keep a smile on his face and a joke for the nurses.  His courage and determination should be a lesson to all of us in our family and I take my hat off to him.  He’s an incredibly special person and a much loved nephew - I hope he knows that - and if my son grows up to be half as decent as him, I’ll be a proud mum.

So that’s a few happy happenings from the past week of a Mummy Misfit.  Who knows what next week will bring, but let’s hope it involves more good news.

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  1. Me with fleas, you with mozzies... maybe we should start a Down With Biting Insects movement and get them banned or something. My formerly splendid legs also look like chopped ham. Bleargh. Anyhoo, congrats to your son, GCSE results time is a distant memory for me but I do recall the nauseating fear upon opening that envelope...

  2. Congrats to your son on his great GCSE results.
    I did see your tweet about getting results and did wonder.

    He has done so well especially after all he has gone thru. You must be very proud.

    My daughter did well and is now going on to sixth form.


  3. What a week! Congratulations to your son! And what wonderful news about your nephew. Sounds like a remarkable young man with an incredible spirit. I'm looking forward to reading Michelle's book, too!

  4. Mosquitos should die.

    Every last one of em.

    And I kicked my hurricane-distraction to the side just to read this post ;)