Thursday, 18 August 2011

Letter to my Son as he Approaches 16

Dear Bub,

These are words that you probably won’t appreciate right now (it wasn’t until I was an adult that I realised how much sense my mum and dad made!) but I just want to get them out there for you.

You’ve already made us so proud.  Sometimes life hasn’t been easy for you but you came through all that ‘stuff’ with your head held high and a smile on your face - try to remember to always do that.  Stay as happy as you are now.

Whatever your exam results are, we’ll stand by you.  We know you did your best and that’s all anyone can expect.  Remember, no one can be good at everything (unless they’re a smart ass!).  Better to have a good heart, than a string of certificates.

You have a fantastic sense of humour - nurture it, but remember there are times when it’s not appropriate!  (You know what I mean).

Sadly, you’ll probably get your heart broken - most people do.  At the time it will feel like the end of the world (trust me!) but it passes and you will get better.  It’s a cliché but you’ll look back and laugh when you eventually find the right person.  Oh, and sometimes you’ll convince yourself you’ve found the right person and it might not be - all part of the ‘big plan’ I’m afraid.

Always treat people the way you want to be treated.  Try really hard to never do things you have to say sorry for.  Treasure friendships and always make time for people when they need you.

You can be anything you want to be and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.  OK, you’re never gonna be a Prima ballerina or fly without wings (seriously, stop thinking you can!) but, other than that, the world’s your oyster.

You will lose people that you love - you’re a big boy now, it’s called dying!  It hurts like hell and never really goes away.  Remember those you truly love, and who love you, will always be in your heart.  Nothing can take that away from you.

Please don’t get into debt.  Work hard for the things you want and enjoy them without panicking about how you’re going to pay for them.

Enjoy alcohol responsibly if you ever change your mind about it!  Just be careful and don’t ever give in to peer pressure. ‘Be your own person’, as Granddad taught me, and you won’t go far wrong.

One ill-advised or foolish moment out there on the streets or in a nightclub can ruin your life forever.  If you see trouble brewing, walk away as fast as your legs will carry you.  Call the police, do whatever you can to help the situation but don’t get involved.

Never get in a car with someone you know has been drinking or taking drugs.  Walk, run, ring us at 4 o’clock in the morning if you need to, but do not get in that car!

Any problem, small, big or humungous - we’re always there for you.  Don’t bottle things up until you find you can’t talk to us.  We’ll always do whatever we can to help - even if that means listening to stuff you might not want to hear!  Sorry that’s part of being a parent! (and a son).

Try to see the world before you settle down.  If you don’t, no big deal, but never forget it’s out there.

Be a thoughtful partner.  Be kind, romantic, listen, laugh, share everything (chores included) and try to be as happy as your mum and dad.  Trust me, if you find your soul-mate and treat one another well, you can overcome anything.

I love you loads and hope you get the results you deserve and a life filled with joy and opportunity.

Your mum x

PS:  Get lots of sleep, eat your five a day, don’t smoke, clean your teeth, drink lots of water, don’t pick spots, always remember your deodorant and START PICKING YOUR BLOODY SOCKS UP OFF THE FLOOR!

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