Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Inside Me (Part 3)

Today I’ve been tagged by the lovely Emma @dreamingofbeer and asked to reveal ‘10 Things You Don’t Know About Me’ and then to tag four more gorgeous bloggers.

As I’ve done a similar post in the past, I’ll try not to bore my regular readers with the same list and wrack my brains for a few different ones.

  1. I lived in Hollywood for six months.  My boyfriend at the time was at music college there and, on the back of my Grange Hill gig, I went to try my hand at Hollywood stardom!  I nearly became a magician’s assistant but chickened out!  (Had the legs but not the nerve!).  I then spent the rest of the time working in cafes and selling cable TV.  I returned to London a non-star but their top saleswoman!  (The English accent sells anything Stateside).
2.      The tooth next to my front one (on the right) never grew (there’s a medical name for it but I can’t remember) and remained a stump until I was 17 (attractive!) when I was brave enough to have it built up.  It’s now a beautiful crown.
3.      I had a huge mole on my cheek which grew bigger and bigger until I was about 20.  It was bright red and had a tiny baby growing on the side.  When a child asked me why I had a ‘nipple’ on my face, I knew it was time to get it removed!  (Just realised these last two facts don’t paint a very pretty picture of me but I’m not Quasimodo!)
4.      I won a car at Legoland.  Yes, I know I’ve blogged about this before but, hey, how many people do you know who won a car?  Enough said!
5.       I’ve been smiled at by Brian Ferry in a restaurant and kissed by Curtis Stigers (hubbie tagged along to that meeting and told him “I’m just here to make sure no bodily fluids are exchanged!”  That’s right, spoil all my fun!
6.      My ex-boyfriend’s father’s best friend (got that?) was Jack Parnell, the band leader of ‘Sunday Night at the Palladium’ and ‘The Muppets’ fame.  We would spend every summer in France with him.  He sadly died last year.
7.      My best friend suffers from Tourette’s syndrome.  I love her dearly but it can sometimes be exhausting - not least, for her.
8.      I was in Paris airport waiting to check in and realised I was standing next to David Bowie.  At that second, security chose to detonate an unattended suitcase, without warning.  It took a bit of fun out of my swooning!
9.      I fell pregnant as soon as hubbie and I decided to try for a baby.  Due to secondary infertility I never fell pregnant again!
10.  I’ve travelled to France, Spain, the former Yugoslavia, Sweden, Australia, America and Canada.  And yet I haven’t left the UK for thirteen years.  Money’s been tight but hasn’t stopped me having a life.  In fact, it’s taught me to appreciate the little things more.

Ok that’s my 10 done!  I now tag:

Michelle Betham
Laurel Mayer
Betty Bee at The Pamper Box
Evie’s Gran

Good luck, ladies.  What ten things do you want to share with us?

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