Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Losing my Connection

I’ve had the same mobile for six years and I love it.

Being a technophobe, once I get used to a piece of equipment I stick with it.  My tiny, battered Samsung fliptop does everything I need it to do so why would I want to upgrade?

My son’s always telling me I should get a new one that has apps but, unless it’s going to cook the dinner and do the cleaning, I’m not interested.

I know people who change their mobiles as regularly as they change their knickers and I just don’t get it.  Why put yourself through all the stress of transferring over all your contacts and learning how to use a new phone when the one you’ve got works perfectly well?

I don’t see a mobile as a fashion statement or believe it tells anyone anything about me.  Perhaps I’m wrong there and it’s actually screaming at everyone “Look, middle-aged fuddy duddy who can’t be bothered to move with the times!”

But we have a history, me and my Samsung.  ‘He’ remembers the time I drove out of a supermarket car park with him on top of the car and he lived to tell the tale.

I remember the time he decided to come in the bath with me and, when hubbie heard me screaming and ran into the bathroom, he was being flipped out of the bubbles like a fish and floated through the air until he landed with a thud on the bath mat.

He remembers an awfully long stint of the hair-dryer blowing onto his little nooks and crannies to dry him out and then an overnight sleep in the airing cupboard to finish the job off.

I remember a sleepless night because he might not survive the trauma and that would mean a new phone buddy for me.

He remembers waking up in the airing cupboard feeling pretty clean and, after a shaky start, springing back into action.

I remember the relief and never allowed him to share my bathtub again.

Yep, it’s a marriage made in heaven.  We click and we’re together until the end of time (his or mine!).

Or so I thought …

We were buying a Blackberry skin for a gift the other day when my son spotted a phone deal which equated to the same deal that I’m on now … except … you got a free Kindle with it!

This was enough to have me contemplating mobile divorce.  A Kindle?  I’m a Kindle writer and a massive reader and yet I don’t own one.  I long for a Kindle.  I looked at my little mobile’s face and thought ‘This is the end.  Got to move on, I’m afraid.  Wooh-hoo, and get myself a Kindle!”

The very nice gentleman talked us through the plan and I listened guiltily, unable to believe what I was contemplating.

All was looking great until he mentioned the fact that I would need to check my contract arrangements with my current phone provider.

That’s when things got messy.  One call later, I found out that it would cost me nigh on four hundred pounds to be released from my current plan.  I could buy nearly four Kindles with that!

Now, as I look at my mobile’s smug little face, I know we’re stuck together for another year and he’s stood in the way of me and my Kindle.

Mobile divorce … messy and expensive!

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  1. Lovely post! I've had my mobile for years and years and like you will probably keep for loads more!

  2. Love my iPhone! Plus it has a kindle in it!