Friday, 26 August 2011

Sound the Trumpets

Today I’m blowing my own trumpet - as an ‘Indie’ author I have no agent or publisher to do my grafting, so I guess it’s down to me.

Selling an ebook is hard work.  Besides promoting and working on my new novel, I blog here every day and try to think of new and innovative ideas to get ‘Diary of a Mummy Misfit’ out there.

One of the things I do is ‘Tweet’ each time I get a new review, so today I’m using my blog platform to show off some of the lovely ones I’ve received in the UK.  Maybe those of you who have considered the book but not yet bought it will be swayed by my happy readers.

Remember this is only a selection, so you can always go to Amazon UK or .Com to check out my others (BTW, I don’t have a bad one yet - hope that’s not tempting fate!)

Here goes:

Miss Mootastic (North West England) - Wonderful weekend read.
Thoroughly enjoyed Diary of Mummy Misfit, its diary format made it extremely easy to read and would be an ideal holiday read. Some fabulous characters in the book a few of which we can all recognise in our own lives. There are parts in the book (too many to mention in this review) that had me laughing out loud. I am now looking forward to the next instalment of Mummy Misfit. Wouldn't hesitate in recommending this book to friends - in fact I already have!

Mandy McSherry - Brilliant!
What an absolutely brilliant book. I went to a state and private school as a child and as a parent. The book is so true to life. I don't normally read humour books, but every page either had me smiling by what was written, or laughing. The main character in the book I could totally relate to, she never quite fitted in the people who had money, but was so nicer than them. It shows what snobbery is like but with such humour. I could not put the book down and look forward to the next one. Well done Amanda.

Margaret P - What a giggle.
I was introduced to this book through a friend who had just finished it but I was reluctant to sit at the PC for hours on end to read it, not being a Kindle owner. The friend insisted as it was such a laugh so I gave in and gave it a go. Thank goodness I did. It really captures the silliness of monied but classless yummy mummies and made me laugh out loud more times that I can count. I really felt for the heroine as she stumbles her way through her new world and I loved the way the author builds up the jokes. A fab ending too and I'm really hoping that there will be a sequel. A crime that it isn't out in paperback as it would make a great light read for holidays Cheered me up, no end.

Tara L - A Kindle store gem
I discovered this book while browsing for a holiday read and wasn't disappointed.  I hadn't heard of the author, but the storyline appealed and the free download sample was as good as any chick lit I'd read in diary format. Brought plenty of laughs and the author perceptively sums up some very recognisable types you meet in the vulgar monied set. This isn't wealth bashing, but it makes you question who is richer. Something for everyone - chaotic family life, school gate competitiveness, gays, a cultural mix - all wrapped up in witty and well captured observations. A definite recommend!! If you like a diary, it's a grown-up Bridget Jones without the snobbery of Rachel Johnson. Should be in paperback.

C McShane (Belfast)
Apparently I was one of the 1st to download this fantastic book - it was also my 1st ever kindle purchase for my iphone. it was fab - really loved it. You relate to the characters immediately and the interaction between the best friends and the "yummy" mummys at the school was brilliantly done. I chose it after a quick free download of a couple of pages and was so delighted I did - I also was a bit dubious about it not being a "proper book" but to be honest, it was easier than I thought - couldn’t put it down and sat up one morning reading it until 4am. Highly recommend the book (and have done to my friends) and I can’t wait for the next book. I had never heard of the author before - but she is great in my opinion. Also following her blog too - hilarious take on life and I wish I was more like her in her outlook on life Keep up the good work Amanda :-)

C.R Wood (Dorset) - Something special
Amanda Egan has written an engaging, delightful and impacting book. I'd agree with all the other reviewers, adding that the pace of the story is excellent and the diary-viewpoint drifts us along naturally with central character, Libby, who arrives at a watershed moment in her life, when Max, her young son is sent to private schooling. Libby and her husband Ned, are introduced to a new and breath-takingly dislikeable set. One moment the reader is laughing and the next, almost in tears with empathy for this beleaguered, but well-intentioned Mummy Misfit. A perfect title! This book really is cleverly written. Perhaps Amanda has touched on the most unnerving aspects of private schooling, but this is an honest book, written in language we can all understand and relate to, which is why it is so successful. Diary of a Mummy Misfit should be swept up by a publisher and given the support and marketing it truly deserves in traditional publishing. Well done to this talented author!

So there you go, trumpet well and truly blown.

Check it out on the Amazon links above - you’ve got nothing to lose but a giggle!

Now also available in paperback at Lulu. 

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