Tuesday, 28 June 2011

These Are a Few of My Favourite Things

After yesterday's whinge and moan, I thought today I'd cheer myself up with things that make me happy.  A kind of raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens list but not quite as fluffy. Just my bog standard list of things that make my heart smile.
I'll start with the obvious and most cheesy:
My family - not easy things, these.  The majority of the time they bring joy but we're not producing a Disney film here, we're talking nitty gritty.  Ageing mums, stroppy teenagers, sibling rivalry - that's what being a family is all about.  You can't choose your family, you're stuck with them but, if somewhere beneath all the dramas, you're still able to love and be loved, that's where the joy comes from.

Friday night bed - nothing like it!  It's called the "Friday Night Relish" and never fails to bring a dopey smile to my face.  The bed always feels so much more welcoming when you know you don't have to get up early the next day.  Sheets must be rubbed in delight with legs and feet, pillows fluffed and positioned for optimum comfort with a nice hot cup of PG tips at the ready.  If "Family Guy" is on the TV, it's even better but anything burbling in the background is fine.  If it happens to be music, the relish can turn into another joyous activity that we call 'bed-dancing' (and no, that's not a euphemism, it is actually doing synchronised leg routines). Aah, bliss.

A new book - so I've fallen in love with the cover (yes I do judge a book by it), read the blurb, sniffed the pages and now it's time to lose myself in the web the writer has created for me.  A trip to the book shop or library can have me skipping like a five year old.  So many new books to discover and there's always the possibility that a favourite writer has brought out a new book.  Within those pages, I can escape to a different world, fall in love with a hero and have a laugh or cry.

Looking forward ... to anything - the date's in the diary and you know you're going to have fun.  It could be dinner, lunch, the theatre or a party but you know it's with close friends and the laughs will be guaranteed.  Everybody needs something to look forward to - without it, life's dreary.

GOLD TV channel - an afternoon with Gold is a good as going to the gym, so the channel tells us.  Not great for the thighs but there's nothing like a good laugh to get the endorphins going.  I get to watch all the great sitcoms that take me back to my happy childhood - "The Good Life" being my all time favourite.  Good clean fun with great characters, a cockerel called Lenin and a goat called Geraldine.  Love it!

Clothes shopping - girly and shallow, I know but I'm being totally honest and I need it.  With money tight over the last few years, it's not a regular occurrence and is often limited to birthdays and Christmas but it fills me with the excitement of a kid on Christmas Eve.  Even if I only buy a necklace or a charity shop bargain, I can feel the glow.

Chocolate - Crunchies, truffles, buttons, Aeros, dark, milk, eggs, Kit-Kats ... the list is endless and I adore them all.  I never think of the calories because that would be daft and I believe if you do, they're doubled.  It's good for you, it smells delicious, looks gorgeous and I couldn't live without it.

And lastly ... you either love it or hate it, Marmite.  Nothing beats a slice of Marmite toast with a cup of tea.  The meal of champions.  A desert island staple for me.  I always said if I had a baby who didn't eat it, I'd have to send it back.  Lucky for my son, he partakes and is therefore allowed to stay.  I had to "teach" my husband to love it. Although an Aussie, he wasn't even a Vegemite boy but I soon got him trained and he now slathers it on like a Brit.

So go on, cheer yourself up.  What makes YOU happy?

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