Saturday, 18 June 2011

The Art of Entertaining

Last night I was Audrey Hepburn and my husband was Magnum P.I (Tom Selleck).  I'm not talking some kind of kinky fantasy, we really were. And we dined with a glam movie star and a movie director.
Don't believe me?  Well, it's true because we had a Hollywood themed birthday dinner for one of my closest friends.  The spotlights were put in place, the table set, the food prepared, the plastic Oscar polished and the acting games organised.
What can be more fun than an evening at home with friends?  It doesn't cost the earth and you can be anyone you want to be.
Maybe it's the actress in me, but give me any opportunity to dress up and I'm there with bells on - or flares, or a mini-skirt or flapper dress.  So when my friend said she'd like a themed birthday, the thinking cap went on and the wardrobe and drawers were rummaged.
We celebrated the Royal wedding with the same friends (on this occasion with children). We danced to Royally appropriate music (from Bette Midler's Going to the Chapel to the Sex Pistols' God Save the Queen), and we dressed the part with blazers, cocktail dresses, fascinators and diamonds as we all took the "stage" to perform our turn à la Royal Variety Show.  And we played Royal Bingo and "The Valet packed my trunk and in it I put ....". A great night was had by all.
In my time I've been a witch, a Princess, Hagrid (seriously! - not glamorous I know but it was a challenge), a flapper, an Indian Diva, Diana Dors, 60's swinger, gym bunny and a horsey socialite to name a few. I'm still hanging out to do the school disco theme (I've got the tunic and the legs at the mo but they ain't gonna last forever) complete with disco ball, cheesy music and a snog behind the fridge door.
So if you're feeling bored, pick your theme, invite some friends, become someone else and have a ball - all in the comfort of your own home.

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