Monday, 13 June 2011

Poor Liz Jones

So Liz Jones (Daily Mail) has had a face lift which cost over thirteen grand and has shared the experience with the world (You Magazine).
This is the same Liz Jones who, not that many months ago, claimed to be bankrupt and struggling with mountainous debts.  Even pensioners took pity on her and sent her money!
I can't wait until I'm as broke as her.
But seriously Liz, every week I try to avoid reading your articles because I know you'll wind me up with your endless bleating about failed relationships and "woe is me" - but this time you've taken it to new levels, you've irritated me more than I ever thought possible.
Do something about the INSIDE of your head or you will truly never be happy.   Learn to love yourself because, judging by the comments on Twitter yesterday, you're the only person who's likely to.
In fact, take a break from your writing, go somewhere to contemplate your navel (if it's still where it used to be!) and move over so I can take your job on. Thanks!

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