Sunday, 12 June 2011


I was a daddy's girl and my lovely dad taught me many, many things in the short eighteen years I had him in my life. One thing he DID NOT teach me to do was flirt ... I learnt that all by myself.

No wonder Germaine Greer found herself in hot water when, on Question Time, she claimed that girls could be sexualised by 'kissing their fathers goodnight' and that 'little girls learn to flirt with their fathers'.  Thankfully the sharp intake of breath from the audience made it clear that the sane world disagrees with her.

What a truly disgusting thing to say  - to almost make the wonderful father/daughter relationship a little bit mucky.

I used to kiss my dad goodnight, not once, but many, many times in quick succession - a silly little habit that we had.  I used to sit on his shoulders at the back of his arm chair and massage his head, tickle his ears with a rolled up cigarette paper and play hairdressers - what do you make of that, Germaine?  Because if you want to sully it and start psycho-bloody-analysing it, you've got me to answer to.  I had the best dad in the world, there was nothing smutty about it.  I grew up loved and loving.  What was your dad like?

My son, at 15, still kisses his dad good night and when he goes out.  They have joked since he was about 5 that at his 18th birthday they will have a slow dance together.  Does that make him gay?

I know Germaine has got flack from all sides about this but I still wanted to have my rant - I loved my dad and would give anything to give him another kiss goodnight - what's so wrong with that?

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