Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Another Book on the Shelf

With the release date for 'Lottie's Luck' looming (June 19th) I'm now very proud to see five novels and a novella on my bookshelf.  I wrote those and people buy them!  How weird is that?

I'm often asked how I managed to produce so many books in such a short time.  Well, of course the truth is I didn't 'Diary of a Mummy Misfit' was released in June 2011 but it was actually completed four years prior to that and was sitting in a drawer having a sulk.  Likewise, 'The Darker Side of Mummy Misfit',  which was released in December the same year, was already half written on the instructions of my then agent.

My other novels have come to life through pure hard graft - the only way to get from Chapter One to The End.  My bum goes on my seat at about 8.30am and most days stays there until about 4pm.  Yes, there's lots of dipping in and out of Twitter but that's one of the tools I use to sell my books and I need to have some sort of a life outside of my characters or I'd be a madder woman than I already am!

When I'm not writing, I'm thinking about writing.  I believe writers work 24 hours a day - ideas will strike when you least expect them.  A writer's brain is their main tool and, sadly, we can't switch them off along with the PC.  Some of my best ideas come to me just as I'm going off to sleep and I will often find that a problem will be solved overnight.  Likewise, I can wake with the clarity of knowing I've done something wrong and need to do a re-write.

So who would have thought that all those years ago, when my agent told me I would need a 'stable of books to be a viable published author', that I would now be looking at a shelf of six of them with another Christmas novella due in October and a full length novel in December?

And I will keep on keeping on!  As long as I have stories to tell, readers who love them and the need to keep writing, why would I stop or slow down?  Maybe one day an agent or publisher will see that I'm not just a one book wonder and decide to take a chance on me, but my days of seeking them out are over.  I need to use that time for writing.

Remember all of my books can be found here - check out my 5* reviews!  And if you'd like to try 'Lottie's Luck' for FREE, leave me a message here or RT one of my tweets (mummy_misfit) and you can go in the draw for a chance to win a Kindle copy on publication day, June 19th.

Now, back to that chapter I need to finish ...


  1. I couldn't turn down the chance to win your new book, especially as you were the main driving force in the decision for me to nag/beg/hint for a tablet for Christmas last year!

  2. Your books were the first I downloaded when I got my kindle, so I have to through myself in for a chance to win a copy of Lottie's Luck. If I don't win I'll be purchasing it and I wonder if I'll be able to hold off reading it until we go on holiday on the 7th July?!!

  3. Thank you ladies - I can't tell you how flattered I am to hear this from both of you.
    Blonde girl - are you on Twitter?
    ;) x