Sunday, 30 June 2013

Crafty Misfit

I was recently asked to take part in an 'upcyle' challenge by Groovebulb.  You can check out their website here or follow them on Twitter @Groovebulb.

From their website:  "Groovebulbs use the latest LED technology, which means they are super efficient and much cheaper to run. They are bright instantly, dim beautifully and last for a very, very long time; 25 years in fact."

I love a challenge and I am always turning my hand to crafts, so I was delighted to be asked to join in.  They are currently looking for new crafters to have a go, so why not get in touch?  You'll receive a free light bulb in sturdy packaging and then all you need to do is get your thinking cap on.

This is what you'll have to work with.

I knew I needed to make a pen pot (would a writer see anything else?!) and I wanted it to have a Mummy Misfit theme so I gathered my bits and set to work.

Here's the finished product. I also used the cut off part of the tube to add a little paperclip tray.

So, crafty people.  Fancy a go?  What might you come up with? Contact them now and have a bit of fun.  You can see the full post on Groovebulbs website here.

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  1. All i can say is there is no end to your talents, a fun and very different blog.