Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Launching 'LOTTIE'S LUCK'!

Little bit excited here at Misfit house as today is the release of my fifth full-length chicklit novel.

Want to see my lovely cover?

And for those who missed it, here's the blurb:

I’m Lottie Truman
and this is my story.

My life was simply tickety-boo
until a neighbour’s prediction
seemed to coincide with
my luck running out.

Join me on the path
I needed to take to get me
to where I am now.

But don’t judge me.

Because sometimes you have to
make a few diversions to allow fate
to push you in the right direction

I ran a competition for a couple of weeks in the lead-up to the release and all those who retweeted me on Twitter went into a draw to win a free Kindle copy.  About 140 people were 'in it to win it' and I thank each and every one of them for helping to spread the word. I decided one giveaway seemed a bit mean given the response so I decided to go for three and, after giving each their own number in a hat, I asked my trusty teen to pick them at random.

Congratulations go to:




If you DM me your email address on Twitter I will get a Kindle compatible copy to you as soon as possible.

For those who are still interested in reading about Lottie's adventures you can buy your Kindle copy in the UK here, USA here (for less than the price of a coffee!) and paperback copies at Lulu (slightly more than a coffee but you can hug it and sniff the pages - always a bonus, I think.)

Today will see me mostly celebrating (and checking sales!) and also getting ready for my first group-girlie night out in years!  I also have my book launch dinner to look forward to on Saturday, courtesy of my lovely partner-in-crime 'Fenella'. Blog to follow soon after.

Once again, thanks to all my loyal and supportive readers - I hope you like this one.   If you should buy a copy today, why not tweet about it, using the hashtag #lottiesluck.  And if you enjoy, please leave a review - your words help sell mine.

You can find all of my other novels here UK and here US.


  1. I'm heading straight over to Amazon to order. Can't wait! Enjoy your celebrations x

  2. Bought it! Can't wait to read it, loved all your other books. Already looking forward to the next one. x

  3. 3 x Lulu and 1 x Kindle. :-) Congratulations and good luck. xxx

  4. Thank you ladies, and Moira, you're mad! When I'm rich and famous I will give you all my books for free and we will sip cocktails together :) xx

  5. I plan to sip cocktails with you before you're rich and famous. Although I'm not sure when it will be so don't delay on my account. xx

  6. Excellent news. Good luck with this! GREAT cover!!

  7. Congratulations on book number 6 I will be getting my copy from Lulu Books. Your other 5 are getting very excited as they have a new friend joining them on the bookshelf.