Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Misfit's Mixed Bag

It’s been quite a week for Mummy Misfit.

I finished the second edit of my third novel, ‘Completing the Puzzle’ and was really quite excited to think I was ready to be cracking on with the next re-write.

Then I got struck by my son’s lurgy - oh the joys of motherhood!

Now, having a husband at home is great - he can do the school run, meals etc. and take over on parenting duties but, as I blogged on Mother’s day at Dizzy C’s, I don’t just care for my son.  I also care for my mum and I don’t get days off.  So on the days I feel so rough I just want to stay in bed, I can’t - the show must go on.

Character building but sometimes it sucks!

On the upside this week, I tried an experiment and lowered the price of my books.  I’m a relative unknown still and I realised that most Indie writers were charging a lot less than I was.  The result?  A huge boom in sales!  I’m happy that my books are reaching more people and also that I have so many readers asking for more.  I’ve felt loved - gotta be a good thing!

So, as I look forward to feeling well enough to get on with edit #3, I’ll leave you with the theme of motherhood in response to a tag by @coombemill (oh, how I could do with a holiday there!).

Here are my answers to Fiona’s questions. 

Describe Motherhood in three words. 
Exciting, exhausting, rewarding.

Does your experience differ from your Mother’s – how?
My mum had three children - I was blessed with just one.  I did want more but I firmly believe these things happen for a reason.  Both experiences deliver rewards in different ways.

What’s the hardest thing about being a mum?
Letting go and accepting that they are growing up.

What’s the best thing?
Just knowing that you created a life and feeling overwhelming love and pride in your heart.

How has it changed you?
I used to be quite a worrier - now I worry ALL the time.  That’s motherhood for you and according to my mum, it never goes away!

What do you hope for your son?
That he can be as happy and carefree as his dad and to always see the positive in a situation.  I also hope he has as happy a marriage as I have - to find his true soul-mate.

What do you fear for him?
(similar to most of the other bloggers!)  That someone will harm him or that his life is taken from him.

What makes it all worthwhile?
When we share a proper belly laugh (he has a fantastic sense of humour) or when I look back on how he’s fought his demons (SEE OLDER POST) and become a happy, confident, likeable young man.  And of course, I love it when his teachers say he’s a polite and quiet boy.

I tag @donna_trinder because I know we have the same thoughts and fears. 



  1. Reading through this you sound a little low at the moment? I think the "lurgy" can really knock the stuffing out of you sometimes when you have to soldier on, I can sympathize with my brood and the biz. Hope this week is better for your spirits, book a holiday or mini break and give yourself some time off with the family?
    I love all your answers, all so spot on for motherhood, now kicking myself for not thinking of some of those on my post!
    Well done on the books, I know you will go from strength to strength!

  2. Loving the answers, made my eyes fill with tears as we share many worries.
    Letting go...something I am just beginning to have to deal with - heartbreaking!
    Am getting to work on mine now...and thank you *mwah* xxx