Sunday, 4 December 2011

When Mummy Misfit Met Michelle Betham

Today I'm welcoming to my blog, fellow Indie writer and friend, Michelle Betham.  She has three novels on Amazon for Kindle, 'Too Much Trouble in Paradise', 'See You at the Show' and 'No Matter What'.  She is currently working on Illusions of Love, the sequel to No Matter What , which she hopes to release early next year.

So, Michelle, those that know you will already be aware that you love to write while listening to music - often rock and often loud(!) - is there ever a time when you have to have complete silence to work?
During the editing process I sometimes have to have complete silence, because I like to make sure that I have total concentration when I'm editing my books.  I wouldn't say it's silence all the time during the editing process, but there are certainly instances when I have to turn everything off and let the silence take over.

What works best for you when you are having a bad bout of writer's block?
I get the iPod out and listen to certain songs, songs that I just know will give me a kick start and get me back on track.  Music is very important to me and it's a huge influence when it comes to my writing.  But, if that doesn't work, I'll take the dog out for a nice long walk, just to clear my head.  That usually does the trick.

Coming from a theatrical background, do you think that helps with your dialogue?  I read Too Much Trouble and it really is the strong point of the novel.

Thank you. :)  Yes, I think it probably does help with the dialogue, to some extent.  Being in a theatre environment you are constantly aware of having dialogue all around you, and I think I've subconciously become more aware of how important conversations and the way they're structured can be to not only a good theatrical production, but also to books.  I love writing dialogue, and it's so easy for me because I just think of everything as if it were a play or a movie and write it from that angle.  That's definitely my performing arts background coming out there!

I know you love the writing and style of Jackie Collins but if you had to pick one either writer you admire, who would it be?
I just love horror writer James Herbert!  I'm a bit of a horror fan and his books have been the only horror books I've read that have managed to keep me awake at night because I've been so scared!  He has the ability to create such a sense of fear and anticipation in his writing, and I really admire that.
I also love Stephen King, and Lisa Jewell is one of my favourite chick lit authors. I love her books!  Sorry, was I just supposed to pick one!!

What's your typical working day?
Well, once I've done the usual rounds of vacuuming, tidying the kitchen up after breakfast, making the bed (you know how it is!) I make a cup of tea, settle myself down at my desk and begin by going over any emails or messages I need to answer.  Then, when all of that's finished, I like to try and get some work done on whatever book I'm writing at the time.  I much prefer to write in the morning, for some reason, usually giving the afternoon over to preparing and writing blog posts and doing a little bit of book promotion. 

As Indies, we're denied the traditional book launch - what would your dream launch be?
Oh, now, that's a good question!  I think my ideal book launch would be a small but select party for those that have helped and supported me.  It would involve a nice meal with lots of champagne, chocolate souffle for dessert, and Bradley Cooper handing out Ferrero Rochers... sorry, that's my vivid imagination working over time again!  But it would be a lovely little low key affair, I think, because I am quite a shy person.  Dinner, drinks and dancing. That would be my perfect book launch.  Oh, and a nice new dress and some fabulous shoes... and I'd have Lee Stafford do me hair... I'm on a roll now...

Roughly, what's your time frame for a book from start to uploading to Kindle.

Let me think... usually, on average, I'd say around 6 - 8 months, but it usually depends on the particular book I'm writing and how picky I'm being over the editing.  But it's around 6 - 8 months, give or take.

If one of your books was made into a film but the director insisted you played a female role, who would you like to play and why?
Ooh, that's quite easy that one. I'd love to play India Steven, the character from my epic contemporary romance No Matter What!  She goes from legal secretary to movie star, almost overnight, living in L.A. and hanging around with gorgeous movie stars, so I would absolutely love to play that role!  Especially if Keanu Reeves was starring alongside me!!

Do you have any ideas to work on when your current project is finished?
I have a few more ideas that I'd love to work on once I've finished Illusions of Love, including another chick lit novel, and a couple more edgy romances.  I'm also thinking of writing a follow up to Too Much Trouble in Paradise because I think there was a lot of life left in those characters, and I've got a great idea for a sequel!

Thanks Michelle, it was great chatting to you.

Michelle's books can be bought at Amazon for Kindle, PC or Smartphone (using the free app).
Here is the link to her blog.
And she's a great Twitterer @michellebetham 


  1. Great interview Amanda:) And thank you Michelle for being're answers were such a fun to read. OMG I didn't know you are shy:)How about this..for the next book launch we could have a blog party, including few (or more blogs) and all of us blog about your book. Oh I would love to be a part of that. Looking forward to reading your books, heard really great stuff about them.
    Hugs for both:) x

  2. Thank you so much for hosting this interview with me, Amanda. It was great fun to answer some fabulous questions! :)

    And Ananda, yeah, I'm quite shy!! Hard to believe sometimes, huh!!?? ;) And thanks for the lovely comments. A blog party sounds like a fab idea!! :) x

    Thanks again, Amanda. The interview looks great, and I really appreciate you taking the time to ask me these questions. x