Wednesday, 21 December 2011

When Ananda met Amanda

Today my blog is a series of questions posed to me by the fabulous Ananda at ‘Books to Remember’.  Check out her blog and her great review of the diary.

Thank you Ananda and here goes.

Describe Mummy Misfit in 3 words
Bitchy, funny and warm.

Where does the idea for Diary of a Mummy Misfit come from?
My son has been privately educated and we’ve struggled to do it - I was the Mummy Misfit at the school gates - no designer handbag or holidays abroad for me because all our money went on our son’s schooling.

Can we sense a bit of Amanda in Libby’s character?
There’s a lot of me in Libby - I felt awkward and was made to feel like a second class citizen on many occasions.  (I may have to move out of London now!)

If she wasn’t Mummy Misfit she would be - Mummy ________?
Mummy Who Doesn’t Belong!

Do you sing in the shower?
I love my deep bath at night and at the moment my son is obsessed with Pink Floyd so I enjoy humming along while it’s blaring from his bedroom.  I HATE the nights he listens to Radiohead (husband’s fault!)

What annoys you the most - people, situations etc?
Snobbery, inequality, racism, rudeness and people who lie or distort the facts.

Five things Ms Egan can’t live without?
My family, humour, sleep, cigarettes, white wine.  (Bad mummy!)

How much does it take for Mummy Misfit to become ‘Monster Mummy’?
If people lie or have a different set of rules for themselves I will most definitely become ‘Monster Mummy’.  I am fiercely protective of my family and I won’t be told how I should live my life.

Is there someone like ‘Fenella’ in your life?
There is a Fenella in my life and I love her dearly.  She’s been made larger than life for the book but she was the basic outline for the character.  Had it not been for my ‘Fenella’ I may not have survived prep school!

Is there a time when you say to yourself - “Damn, I’m acting like Libby now?”
Often!  I’ve had many mad Libby and Fenella nights and I’ve also panicked about school fees - I lived to tell the story though!

What qualities do you admire most in people?
Resilience, a good sense of humour, generosity of spirit and the ability to take the pee out of yourself.  I love people who can turn a boring time into fun.

All Ms Egan wants for Christmas is ………..?
For my family to be happy - I’m saying no more.

Any New Year’s resolutions?
No!  I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions.  New Year is just another day as far as I’m concerned - make changes in your life when you feel they are right!  I HATE New Year’s Eve - always have.

Your reaction to a bad (negative) comment about the book (if there were any?)
I have been fortunate to never receive a bad review for the books - YET!  (But I am prepared).  Somebody once told me I was the most boring blogger EVER and needed to get a life and that upset me for a while.  Then I stepped aside, deleted their comment and realised there are weirdos out there who deliberately want to upset.  I know I have a life and also that I have lived an interesting and exciting one.  I also know I have my followers who love my books and my blog so … stuff the rest.  You can’t please everyone - I learnt that as an actress.

Christmas is all ABOUT - _______________________?
Children and making it magic for them.  Even with a sixteen year old I want him to have a great time, to feel loved, cosy and special.
Hubbie and I exchange our stockings on Christmas Eve - our quiet time together with a glass of port.
If I’m totally honest, the rest of Christmas is about family, friends and a huge dollop of stress!

I would like to give huge thanks and hugs to Ananda for her varied and fun questions and to wish her, and all my blog and book readers, a very Happy Christmas.

Ananda’s 'Books to Remember' can be found here.

Diary of a Mummy Misfit is on Kindle and paperback.

The sequel, The Darker Side of Mummy Misfit is also on Kindle and paperback.


  1. Just love your answers!!!Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions lovely:)Ananda met Amanda and immediately fell in love with Amanda's writing style:)Looking forward to reading the sequel:)

  2. Woohoo! My 3 copies of 'The Diary' have arrived! Daughter-in-law has taken my personal copy home to read. One is for Kim and one for Ed and Franki - the Ozzie Relatives if anyone is wondering! Hope to get mine autographed by the author one day! Went and checked out old episodes of Grange Hill - certain I found a bit where a young Amanda's character shyly raised her hand and looked demurely from under her fringe and said 'I'll second that!' Here's the challenge - if it IS you, see if you can find it - there appear to be loads of episodes! Waiting to hear back from D-I-L this morning - she most likely read throughout the entire night!
    All our immediate family will be here on Christmas Day with Oma coming as well. Still waiting to hear if Welsh Component and partner are also joining us :). 7 grandchildren in the house together, no doubt wanting to do their usual 'running down the corridor and through the kitchen' circuit whilst I am cooking the Traditional Dinner! Might join them! Loads of fun and laughter anticipated seeing I have no worries about the food going cold thanks to my 3 Baine Maries' - love 'em! I reckon I am feeling jovial enough to recommend some floor wrestling matches between the adults - better to do it AFTER all the gifts have been opened! Babysitting 5 out of 7 grandies tomorrow - arranging a rehearsal for them - dressing the boys as shepherds, the girls as angels, and teaching them a carol to perform for their parents on The Day, with the oldest grandson accompanying them on the piano - well, that's the plan! Have a great one!