Wednesday, 14 September 2011

A-Z of Me

Today I’ve been tagged by the lovely WriterDove (after she’d been tagged by MelkshamMum) to write an A-Z about me, based on a set of questions. So here goes …

ANORAK … Do you have a sad side?
Insisting that my loved ones ‘check in’ with me.  Making sure they’ve arrived safely and all is well.

BODY … What physical attribute would you most like to change?
I would love to have a new bladder - I’m not saying it’s ‘leaky’ it just fills very quickly and makes the theatre or travelling a nightmare.

CELEBRITY … Which one would you most like to date and why?
Curtis Stigers, Richard Gere, Colin Firth, Dec (not Ant), Tim Minchin.  Oh ONE, sorry!  And why?  Because they’re gorgeous and hubbie wants Kylie!

DEBUT … Tell us about your first ever blog post. What made you start blogging?
First ever blog was about school phobia, as my son suffered with it from the age of 11.  I began blogging to promote my book but also to train myself to write every day - even when I didn’t want to.

ERROR … What’s been your biggest regret?
Starting smoking.  It’s foul, expensive and has me horribly in its grip.

FUNNY … Who’s making you laugh?
My husband, son, mother and friends.  They never cease to amaze me with their wit.

GRAND … If we gave you one right now what would you spend it on?
It would be gobbled up by our debts before I had the chance to spend it on clothes and shoes.

HOLIDAY … What’s your favourite destination?
Holiday?  What’s one of those then?

IRRITATE … What’s your most annoying habit?
My husband tells me that it’s leaving my toothbrush at the end of the bath.  I’m not irritating!

JOKER … What’s your favourite joke (the one that makes you laugh every time you hear it)?
What’s the difference between kinky and perverse?
Kinky is using a feather, perverse is using the whole chicken!

KENNEL … Do you have any pets?
We have two cats and two (stinking) goldfish.  I would love to have my old dog Ralfie back but he’s now in doggie heaven.

LOVE … Are you single, married, engaged, living with a long term partner?
I am married (17 years) to my soul mate and bestest friend ever.  With him by my side, anything is possible.  (but not the whole chicken!)

MEAL … What’s your ultimate starter, main and dessert?
As much as I’m a bit of a foodie, I think I’d go pretty retro with a prawn and avocado salad, steak and salad followed by cheese and biscuits.

NOW … If you could be anywhere right now where would you be and who with?
With my sister and having a laugh - unlikely and not happened for a while but I live in hope.

OFF DUTY … What do you do in your spare time?
Listen to music, read, play Guitar Hero with hubbie and son, have mad dinner parties with friends, knit, make cards, cook and visit charity shops.  Addicted to Gold TV when the Writing Fairy abandons me.

PROUD MOMENTS … What are you most proud of?
My proudest moment was giving birth to a fantastic son (natch!).  I’m also proud of my marriage, my mother and my nephew.

QUEASY … What turns your stomach?
Apart from the obvious - pee, poo and blood - the thought of anything happening to one of my loved ones can have me rushing to the loo.

RELAX … How do you relax?
I do yoga three times a week but wine is much nicer.  You can’t combine the two though, I’ve tried.

SONG … What’s your favourite song of all time?
‘Picture in a Frame’ by Tom Waits.  Not the prettiest voice in the world but listening to it makes me think of my lovely dad (although he’d never heard it - it’s all in the words).

TIME … If you could go back in time and relive it again, when would you choose?
Probably our wedding day.  I would say the day I gave birth, but getting married was more fun, less painful and didn’t involve gas and air.

UNKNOWN … Tell us something about yourself that no one else knows?
I’m very open and honest so I can’t think of anything.  I once had sex with Richard Gere?  Will that do?

VOCAL … Who is your favourite artist?
Being greedy once more - Bowie, Tom Waits, Ella Fitzgerald, Curtis Stigers, Manilow, The Beatles.  The list is endless.

WORK … What’s your dream job and are you doing it now?
Writing or acting.  Have had a go at both and am still finding my way.

XRAY … Any broken bones?
No but I suffer from bouts of sciatica due to a recurring disc bulge.

YIKES … What’s been your most embarrassing moment?
Too many to mention!  I covered these in My Watermelon Moments.

ZOO … If you were an animal, which one would you be?
I really wouldn’t want to be a zoo animal - they live outdoors and I like my creature comforts.  Please can I be a pampered pooch or lap cat?

I now tag my fellow “Fabulous Feisty Indies” writers, who I know will rise to the challenge - Michelle Betham and Laurel Mayer.

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  1. The bladder thing is much more sensible than the baby belly that I went for! Also the Richard Gere thing - really?!