Monday, 12 September 2011

Misfit Intermission

Mummy Misfit is approaching burnout!

I’ve posted a blog every single day since launching my book at the beginning of June and it’s starting to take its toll.

It wouldn’t be so bad if it was the only thing I had to think about but, of course, life’s not like that is it?

I spend a good part of each day promoting my book and working on my new one.  I also care for my elderly mother and crack the whip over a teenage son.  Somewhere in all this, I have a life too.  Somewhere!

So I’ve made the decision to start blogging weekly.  I don’t feel like I’m selling out as I did when I considered cutting back in the past.  I just feel I have to step back a bit to save my sanity.

And you wouldn’t want to be reading the ramblings of a mad woman anyway, would you?  Although, I admit, sometimes this blog has been a little on the wacky side.

So from now on I shall only be blogging on a Wednesday.  I’m hoping my lovely loyal followers, here and on Twitter, won’t feel that I’m letting them down, but I just feel that the time is right to take a change in direction.

I’ve not taken this decision lightly.  I’ve spoken to other bloggers and writers and I haven’t come across many who manage to blog every day.  It’s a huge commitment and, as I’ve covered a wide variety of subjects that continue to generate traffic to my blog (and hence my book), I feel I can now afford myself the luxury of taking my foot off the pedal for a bit.

Hopefully, if I complete this next manuscript quickly and get snapped up by a savvy publisher, I’ll have lots of exciting news to share with you and more time to share it.

So … remember, check in every Wednesday for a touch of Mummy Misfit.  Follow me on Twitter and I’ll send you a reminder.

This is not goodbye, just à bientôt.

If you’re going to miss my daily blog, why not give my novel a read instead?  ‘Diary of a Mummy Misfit’ is available on Amazon for Kindle, PC or Smartphone.  Check out my reviews, you won’t be disappointed!  Now also in paperback at Lulu.


  1. A wise move. Blogging everyday is a masive commitment and actually quality is much better than quantity. I follow lots of blogs who only blog once or twice a week and as a reader it makes no difference to my enjoyment. I think its bloggers who put presure on themselves. Ive also got in the trap of thinking I must blog every day and have already decided to cut back and maybe just do a photo and short descriptin every other day. us writers find it impossible to just write a little (as you can see from this comment ha ha) and we can burn out. Good luck with yor publishing deal xx

  2. I don't know how you did it for as long as you did! The pressure of consistently "coming-up-with-the-goods" (as you do) will inevitably take it's toll and the enjoyment of blogging starts to flag (did with me at any rate). Still, you are still writing - and that can only be a good thing. Been here since the beginning, so no - I'm not going anywhere.... Take care x