Sunday, 31 July 2011

Second Helpings of Mummy Misfit

One of our daft games to play at home is the A-Z game.  Pick a subject, e.g. music groups, and work your way through the alphabet naming one for each letter (Abba, Boyzone and so on).

So today I thought I’d tempt you with the A-Z of “Diary of a Mummy Misfit” to give you a further taster of what lies within its covers.

A is for affluence.  Sadly not for the main characters, Libby and Ned, but for the majority of parents they meet on their journey through the world of private education.

B is for Bazza-the-Budgie.  The most loved bird in the world owned by Libby’s neighbour, Mrs Sengupta, who has a penchant for Barry Manilow.

C is for Chelsea Tractors.  The mummies all own them and ‘park by braille’.

D is for Dog.  He arrives unannounced and his sexuality comes under question with interesting consequences.

E is for eggs.  Does Libby have one more left to make a much longed for baby?

F is for Fenella, the wonderful mummy-friend Libby makes at Prep School.  Outspoken and feisty, she keeps Libby sane.

G is for gay.  Nic and Rick, Libby’s best gay friends.

H is for haaandbaaag!  Designer of course, unless it belongs to Libby.

I is for insecurities.  Libby has many which she fights constantly.

J is for jackpot.  Libby and Ned live in hope of winning the lottery to ease their troubles.

K is for kids.  Some nice, some nasty - depending on the parents.

L is for Libby, the main character in the book.  Desperate to fit in but always feeling she doesn’t belong.

M is for the ‘Meemies’ (it’s all about ‘Me, me, me!’).  The dislikeable mums that Libby contends with daily at the school gates.

N is for Nigella Lawson, AKA ‘My God’ (MG), a regular feature in Libby’s quest to become a domestic goddess.

O is for Olga.  The put-upon nanny who Libby befriends.  Is she a lesbian or not?

P is for Pritesh.  Mrs Sengupta’s rather attractive son, who she is hell-bent on match-making with Libby.

Q is for queasy.  A condition Libby & Fenella often find themselves in after a good night out or a bad night in.

R is for recession.  It hits and it hurts.

S is for stereotypes.  Unashamedly featured in every shape and form and, although fictitious (of course!), you’re bound to recognise one or two from your own experience.

T is for two-faced.  The mummies are rarely as they seem.

U is for uniform (school).  Obviously from Harrods and at a ridiculous price.

V is for the ‘Vulgar Monied Set’.  Prepare to meet them all.

W is for wedding.  The campest event of the year.

X is for Xmas fair.  The huge school committee job Libby & Fenella take on.

Y is for yummy mummies.  Enough said!

Z is for zany.  “Diary of a Mummy Misfit” is a tongue-in-cheek look at the differences between the Haves and the Have-Nots.

Want to find out more?  You can download “Diary of a Mummy Misfit” at Amazon for Kindle, PC or Smartphone.  Now also available in paperback at Lulu.

Sample chapters here.

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  1. Love all the letter of this alphabet. Better still, I read the book and loved it! More, please!