Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Drive Time!

I was tagged by my friend on Twitter, @Katesvie, to take part in a challenge which reveals my 'Ultimate Summer Driving List'.  You can see Kate's here.

Just as a little aside here, Kate also hosts virtual party nights on Mondays and Fridays - simply follow her on Twitter @vpnights.  Each week between 9 and 10pm (UK) you can join her and the other guests - tweet your drink, your nibble and your tune.  I've had some great chats, giggles and banter - a night out when you're staying in!

So ... my driving music.  Not necessarily summer related, but the ones I like to turn up in volume while slapping the wheel in appreciation.

1.  LOVE SHACK by The B52's
You have to sing along, you have to strut your stuff (tricky behind the wheel!).  You just can't stop yourself.

2.  DAYDREAM BELIEVER by the Monkees
Sunny, gorgeous and feelgood.

I once embarrassed myself at son's primary school, singing this quite loudly with the windows open as I parked the car.

4.  BROWN EYED GIRL by Van Morrison
We courted in the good old fashioned way to Van the Man.  Many happy hours were spent in the car listening to him.

5.  MAHNA MAHNA by the Muppets
Ridiculous but was played on every journey we made to Scotland, OVER AND OVER AGAIN - always made us laugh and always got the three of us singing along with dopey grins on our faces.

So there you go - songs I love to hit the roads with.  What would yours be?

I'm tagging here - Twitter buddies @JamieTDougan @michellebetham @ian_wilfred @AmandaNasson1 @donna_trinder


  1. Good tunes here MM!! I drive a vintage PINK citroen, as you know, and it has a CASSETTE player...so I play 60's music on CASSETTE!! Dylan, Chuck Berry, Elvis, Diana Ross.... that sort of thing. And I roll the roof back in warm weather and let the world remember the good old days....

  2. The night I met Maz, we were doing the 'Monkee' walk along the street.

    My selection is on my blog now :)

  3. I was so busy thinking which songs I would choose that I forgot to leave a comment. I love Daydream Believer - makes me feel like I can sing, don't know why 'cos I can't! Toploader - I think I may have chosen that. Love the others too - just not sure about The Muppets - not driving, drinking maybe hee hee : )

  4. Can't beat the Muppets - Simon Mayo used to play it on Radio 2 on my drive home from work every Friday and singing along to it with the windows down is not a sophisticated look!

    Excellent music choices.

  5. Great choice of songs. Liking them all, tho the last one would prob not be great in heavy traffic.