Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Mr & Mrs Misfit

Today is my nineteenth wedding anniversary.  Nineteenth?!   How did that happen?  I was sure I only looked nineteen the last time I saw my reflection in the mirror!

So much has changed in those years - and on the other hand so much has stayed the same.

Our love has grown stronger with each (sometimes difficult) day and we’ve been blessed with a very special boy - now a young man, about to turn eighteen and who has done us proud.

Our wedding was a special day, filled with family and friends.  Sadly, many of those who shared our day have passed on or drifted off in one way or another.  It happens.  We need to be grown up about these things and accept them.

But, although times change, I count my blessings every day.  I found my soul-mate, my partner in crime, and every challenge we have thrown at us is met with a smile and a shrug because we know we’ll cope.

While other things may change around me, I know I have my one constant - my best friend and husband.

 The Misfits

 Mummy Misfit and Baby No Name!
(and no, that's not my bum - it's a supporting cushion!)


  1. Congratulations! On sticking at marriage and on your lovey son!! BH & I are clocking up 38 years, and we are becoming rarer as couples split. Keep working at it, enjoying it, challenging it and loving it. Marriage is so much more than an ''institution''....

  2. Wow, Carol! 38 years - you don't look old enough. Huge congrats to you. I think it helped that I married a man who makes me laugh and has a real 'can do' attitude. Sounds corny, but we were made for one another :)