Tuesday, 6 November 2012

'Stilettos & Stubble' - The Soundtrack

In the lead up to the release of ‘Stilettos & Stubble’ (28th November) I’ve been putting together a playlist for my book launch.  This will also come in handy when I’m approached by a hotshot producer who wants to make the book into a TV series or film so I’m way ahead of the game!  I do like to be prepared.

So this week I’ll be treating you to some of my chosen tracks and my reasons behind them.  Grab a drink and enjoy a totally camp ride!

To kick off, I’ll start with my main character, Persephone (pronounced ‘Purse-eff-onie’, or ‘Percy’ as she prefers to be called).  A larger lady who struggles with all things feminine and dainty.  At one point in the book, after leaving a beauty salon, she walks along the road feeling good about herself and humming this song:


Staying with Percy, my next song is from Mica:


Moving to her new place of work, we have a poignant song which would be performed regularly:


If Percy had a theme song, this next one would be it.  And she’d also have her own set of daft dance moves for the chorus (which, much to our son’s amusement, hubbie and I often rehearse).  WHEN ‘Stilletos & Stubble’ is made into a film this will be the end music for the closing titles:


A few numbers that would feature regularly in her work place now.  These are the tracks that get everyone up and shaking their tail (and boa) feathers:

IT’S RAINING MEN - because the ‘girls’ like to dream.

HOT LEGS - for the ‘girls’ she works with.  And Percy has a pretty fine pair of ‘lallies’ too.
(Forgive me while I drool over Rod!)

GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN - and boy, do those ‘girls’ have fun!

COPACABANA - the classic nightclub song.

And finally, the song that most of the acts in the club argue over - they all want to perform it - and I want the dress Shirley’s wearing in this video!


So, has that given you a little taste of Percy’s world?  Would you like to step into the pages for a while and share the glitz and glamour, the bitching and the drama?

Well, not long to wait.  Keep humming those tunes and have them running in your head as you begin reading on 28th November.  Stilettos and Stubble - it’s what’s inside that counts’.

And don’t forget I have a bonus book coming out on 1st December - ‘Christmas Deliverance’  - a Novella: because Christmas doesn’t always deliver what you want but, sometimes, it might be just what you need.

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