Tuesday, 28 August 2012

I've Never Seen Star Wars

My idea for this week’s blog came from a friend who was telling me about a Radio 4 show called ‘I’ve Never Seen Star Wars’.  Each week Marcus Brigstocke invites guests to try new experiences.

So here’s my very own version of things I’ve never done.

1.   I’ve never seen ‘Star Wars’!  Nope, never and I have no desire to - I just don’t do sci-fi.  Nor have I seen a whole Bond film.  My mum informs me that she hasn’t either so I’m not the only weirdo in the world.  However I’ve seen ‘Dirty Dancing’ twenty-two times and could watch ‘Mama Mia’, ‘High Society’, ‘Evita’ and ‘It’s a Wonderful World’ on a constant loop.

  1. I’ve never been on a roller-coaster.  You could offer me a million and I still wouldn’t do it.  I’d die mid air!  OK, that was a touch ‘Drama Queeny’ but being a control freak, you’ll never find me on one - I get my thrills other ways.

  1. I’ve never been stopped by the police nor had any points on my licence.  I’ve been driving for fifteen years now and am blemish free.  Cue my next trip out and I’m bound to get pulled over!

  1. I’ve never eaten an oyster.  Yuck!  Now, I’d force one down for that aforementioned million but other than that you can keep them.  Makes you randy?  Makes me puke.

  1. I’ve never been on a cruise.  I've read the fab 'Bon Voyage' by Michelle Betham and I’m currently reading Milly Johnson’s ‘Here Come the Girls’ and, although they both make the whole idea sound very enticing, I still wonder if I’d get claustrophobic.  I guess unless someone offers me the dosh to slurp that oyster, I’m unlikely to find out so I won’t pack my bags yet.

  1. I’ve never had a daughter.  When I was pregnant with my son, I was convinced he was a girl.  I just never envisaged being the mother of a boy.  Of course, once he was born I wouldn’t have changed him for the world and now I look at the way some teenage girls are, I thank heaven I only have one son to worry about.

  1. I’ve never been able to walk past dogs or cats without stroking them.  It’s made me late for appointments, and seen me bitten and scratched on many occasions, but I just can’t resist them.

  1. I’ve never passed a maths exam.  Every one produced a lower grade and without my fingers and toes I’d be lost.  Huge apologies to my brother-in-law who spent painstaking hours trying to get me to see the light but I was a lost cause.  I do, however, have the perverse gift of being able to double the triple digits on a car number plate within seconds.

  1. I’ve never been on a motorbike.  Despite hanging out with bikers for most of my teenage years, and owning thigh-length leather boots, I knew my dad would kill me if I ever dared hop on as pillion.  Hubbie is a massive bike fanatic himself and, should we win the lottery, it’s first on his list.  I see problems afoot!

  1. I’ve never had an operation [*massive touching of wood as I type this*]!  I’ve had two dodgy moles removed from my face but, apart from that, I’ve been incredibly lucky.

So that’s my ten.  Have a think about yours and either add them here or do your own blog and let me know.  It was fun and I bet you surprise yourself.

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  1. Great post, Amanda - am one hundred per cent with you on the Oysters and like you, am often thankful I only have sons to worry about.

    I think I shall follow your lead and write my own list - will let you know once I've put it together x

  2. I was getting rather excited (in a bingo style fashion) there - I've never been to bingo though; as after Star Wars (shocked & appalled there ;)) and up until the motor bike, I'm exactly the same. I've never had an operation though either - hope we're not knocking on fate's door there!

    Brilliant insight into what we need to do now! Again, hopefully no operations! Xxx

  3. I love this post! Never had oysters(nor want to) or been on a motorbike only a sidecar as a child. I think I will do this on my blog and tag people (Donna!) If that's okay with you Amanda....You've never seen Star Wars???..Amazed!

  4. Fab post! I've never seen Star Wars either *gasp*! I've been meaning to go on a rollercoaster for years too..