Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Misfit's Staycation

Today I got myself a bit excited.

Maybe it was the beautiful weather or maybe it was a much needed break and lunch with a friend.  Maybe it was finally having the chance to get out and work in my garden - while having heart failure watching my husband precariously perched on a ladder chopping down ivy!  Or maybe it was just knowing that my new book is coming out on 6th June [unedited 1st chapter here] and the bulk of the work is behind me now.

Whatever the reason, I felt a little flicker of excitement.

And running with that feeling, I came to a decision.

My son finishes his AS exams on Friday and then he has two weeks off.  Any mother who has been through exams with a teen will know how much joy the final day brings - no more nagging, cajoling, berating, screaming.  My voice box can have a rest!

And that was what got me thinking - why give just my voice a rest?  Why not all of me?

Contrary to some people’s belief, I work hard and I have done for a year now (and that’s not taking into account the years prior to that when I was working on my novels but not promoting).  I start work at 8.30 in the morning and I work through until 4.30 - this is interspersed with being a mother (yes teens still need some looking after) and being sole carer for my mother (shopping, chauffeuring, general dogsbody).  By the time I’m done with cooking for my son, visiting my mum and then cooking for us, I start work again - often until midnight  That might involve writing or it might just be social networking but I’m still a woman on a mission - to sell my books.

So I’ve decided to give myself a holiday.  Nothing exotic but a little bit of ‘me-time’.  If the weather stays the way it is it will be a bonus but I’m certainly not banking on it.  I’m just going to enjoy a lull in the traffic and relax.

 So what will my holiday involve?  Can I truly tell myself I’m on a break if I’m still at home?  You bet I can!


  1. No 6.50 am alarm.  I’m getting up at 10 - do not disturb.
  2. 20 minutes of yoga 5 days a week.
  3. Full body make-over in time for my book launch.  The works!  And I don’t mean in a salon, I mean on the cheap, à la Misfit but just as good.
  4. If the sun’s shining, I intend to make the most of it.  Laptops work just as well outside and my garden is now looking stunning so why shouldn’t I make the most of it?  (In fact it’s 7.40 in the evening and that’s where I’m writing now - heaven!)
  5. Lots of friends coming over for various dinners and lots of visits to them.  It’s great to see so many dates lined up in the diary and we’ve also got a lovely country wedding to go to. Fun!
  6. Minimum of housework.  If we have clean knickers, good - the rest can rot.  As for food, lots of chicken, fish and yummy salads.
  7. Catch up on all that reading I’ve had piling up - starting with Danny La Rue (Research for Book Four).
  8. Switch my brain off when I go to bed.  Book Four is going well but it needs to be kept under control and informed that I don’t need to be woken up by it.
  9. Only write on the days I really want to.  If I don’t feel like it - tough!
  10. Get the fake tan out!  No one will believe I’ve had a holiday if I’m still pasty.

So who says you can’t have a holiday without grabbing your passport and some tickets?  Now please excuse me, I’m off to sort out my bikini.

Both the Mummy Misfit books are available at Amazon for Kindle and in paperback at Lulu.
‘Completing the Puzzle’ will be released on 6th June in both formats - a tale of love, friendship and families.


  1. For god sake ,stop prattling on about how hard your bloody life is !!!!!!!! You really do not have a clue......i have been a supporter of your books and been following you on your blog but i have to speak out and say ENOUGH. If i could be at all bothered to share with you , just what A REALLY HARD LIFE IS ......... but ,honestly i really dont have the time or the inclination .Just give it a rest and enjoy the life you DO have with your family, deeply pissed off from Bromley

    1. I think we're reading different posts! My granny always said that if you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all. I think this is advice you need to heed.

  2. I don't usually publish the VERY FEW ANON comments that I receive because they are usually posted to cause mischief. However, I felt I would respond to this one as it is wholly unjustified, 'Pissed off from Bromley'!
    Go back and re-read this post - at NO point do I say how 'bloody hard my life is' - not once.
    I COULD blog for hours about having a husband who hasn't been able to find work for 4 years or about having a family who have totally split down the middle.
    I don't. A blog is not the place for it and I don't use it for that purpose
    I suggest you stop winding yourself up by reading my blog or read it for what it is and stop seeing what you want to see in it. End off.

  3. I have to say "Deeply pissed off from Bromley" that I completely disagree with you. I have not read one post or tweet that even suggests that Amanda has hinted at how hard her bloody life is as you so lovely put it!

    I too am an avid follower of Amanda's blog, twitter page. books and have even met the lady in person and you really couldn't be further from the truth!

    If you don't like what you read...then simply STOP reading it! I think your comments were uncalled for and unjust!

  4. Hmmm... I'm beginning to get jealous of your pampering!! Our holiday is camping and whilst the kids love it, it's hard work for us grown ups! But you don't want me to tell you how hard my life is do you?? X

  5. Thanks Rachel, I'm many things but not a moaner and never spiteful. I have to agree - you don't like, don't read. But this negative comment helped me to sell a lot of books tonight so *cheers*!
    Mummyontheedge, I'd be happy to hear about how hard your life is - it's all part of being a mummy, isn't it? Enjoy your camping and I'll make the most of my staycation - without a moan on my lips! :) xx

  6. Sounds like a perfect plan for a Staycation, I might have to do one of those myself! Nothing better than a little 'Me Time' and doing at-home spa treatments on the cheap lol I'd love to see pics of that fabulous garden sometime. I'm a sucker for pictures of British gardens lol
    Can't wait for the new book to come out, I'll get Mom to order this one :)
    Much love from your namesake across the pond,

    1. Hi Mandy!
      Great to see you here on my blog.
      Will get pics of the garden to you soon - too technical for me!
      Hope you like the new book.

  7. You will be pleased to hear I am no more 'deeply pissed off from Bromley' as your tone has changed dramatically on your 'twitter' and you are focusing on the positive - well done - keep it up and you will attract more desirable people into your world if you accentuate the positive - this will help you in all aspects of your life. Glad to be of help in the sales of your books.....all publicity eh???????????

  8. The tone on my twitter has changed? Interesting!
    That wasn't your point originally - it was the tone of my blog. So I don't quite follow.
    I do feel that I need to point out here that both my blog and my twitter account are for ME - to do and say as I please and very much enjoyed by my readers. Those that don't like don't have to read - the same with my books.
    I have a VERY positive attitude - you need to as an Indie writer.
    I'm sorry but I do not need your patronising words or your 'seal of approval'

  9. How ironic that someone with the tag 'P*ssed off from ...' should be dispensing life advice on staying positive!! Too funny. Why comment here on what you choose to write on Twitter? Jog on.

  10. Thanks LatteMummy, yes it is a little odd that someone with such a negative name should be trying to preach the positive.

  11. How sad that the written word can be SO misinterpreted. It stems from the state of mind - yours I fear maybe warped.No more a follower.You are now deleted. Bromley.

    1. Yes, I see how "prattling on about how hard your bloody life is !!!!!!!! You really do not have a clue" can be misinterpreted .... it is clearly a positive comment and you're not the warped one at all ... [cough cough]

    2. Thanks LatteMummy - all in all very odd and very contradictory. Glad you saw it the way I did! :)

  12. Now that last comment made me laugh so I made the decision to publish it.
    I think,as has been pointed out by loyal followers here and on Twitter, there was no room for any misinterpretation of 'pissed of from Bromley's' words - they were very clear and written in malice.
    My mind is not warped and to lose this trouble-maker as a follower suits me just fine!