Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Misfit, Mum and the Mog

Today I’m going to share with you a conversation I have most days - it’s between me and my mother and I have her full permission to print it.

MUM:  That bloody cat came in again this morning.
ME:  Did he?
MOTHER:  Cheeky little sod!  He just waltzes in without a care in the world.
ME:  Does he?
MOTHER:  He’s thick, I tell you.  I scream, I chuck water on him but he still keeps coming back.
ME:  (reading the paper now)  Hmmm.
MOTHER:  He’s feral, that’s what he is.  Feral.  Have you seen the tail on him?
ME:  He’s not feral.  He just needs some love.
MOTHER:  I’ll give him some bloody love before long.
ME:  (back to the paper)  I still think you should report the neighbour to the RSPCA. (At this point, you should know that the cat lives next door with no cat flap, left outside in all weathers and rarely fed)
MOTHER:  No point.  They won’t do anything.
ME:  Then nothing will change.
MOTHER:  No and my life will carry on being a bloody misery.

I don’t know who I feel sorrier for.  My mother, the cat or me.


  1. Shouldn't laugh, this IS my life. My mother has gone to great lengths to keep next doors cat out. Tell your mum what I do, cats choose their owners, not the other way ;) x

  2. I totally agree with you, Donna. I'd feel honoured that a cat chose me but at 84 it's just an inconvenience!!! AND her cat hates the other one. The conversation will continue ...!

  3. Sometimes I'm grateful my mother and I aren't speaking! Perhaps they could love each other, no?

  4. My mum has a cat of her own - who hates the intruder too! An impossible situation!!!!! Hey ho :)