Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Misfit's Month

Here I go again!
My soon to be released novel, ‘Completing the Puzzle’ left the nest for a proof-read by a trusted friend and I should have used the gap in the traffic to have a bit of a rest or just generally promote my other two babies.

But no … my brain decided it wasn’t happy without characters and plots running around in it.  So what happened?  Bam!  A new heroine came trampling through in her size nines and dragged a whole heap of friends and plotlines in with her - and they’re a pretty noisy lot!

Yes, that first little seed was planted and then, before I knew it, a thriving jungle had sprouted.  Book four had decided it was time to be written and I was not to ignore it.

How does this happen?  I wasn’t planning on starting a new work until July.  I really did want to give my brain a rest.  Really, I did!

Now I could, of course, just make notes and plan and then put it all away until I want  to write but there’s always that little part of me that says, ‘Strike while the iron’s hot!’  Weirdly, there are those times that I don’t want to write but I have to.  It’s ready to come out and it can’t be stopped.

Sometimes I find that a bit scary.  A bit like I’m not in control.  But I now know that once the characters are there, waiting in the wings, it’s just all systems go - whether I like it or not.

So what does the next month hold for me, now that I won’t be putting my feet up?

  • Lots of research.  This is the first book I’ll have tackled where I need to be in possession of some hard facts.  I’ve spent the last three days working on this and it’s taken me to some eye-opening websites and filled my inbox with some great emails.  I’m on the threshold of a whole new and exciting world!

  • Pages of notes on plot and characters will be put together.  Plots and sub-plots will emerge and I’ll find myself constantly surprised by the direction my characters decide to take me.  Just last Friday, a song playing in the background told me where to head with a part of the book I was having troubles with.  That’s exciting!

  • That all important opening line will be typed.  Once this happens, there’s no stopping me.  I’m away!

  • I’ll be waiting on tender-hooks for ‘Completing the Puzzle’ to return to my clutches.  This will be the first read by anyone other than my husband.  Have I got it right?  Is it a truly enjoyable read?  Will people accept me as the writer of books that aren’t Mummy Misfit?

  • I’ll be putting the finishing touches to my cover (or rather hubbie will!) and also cracking the whip over my son to complete the back cover for the paperback.  All this while nagging him to revise for his AS levels which begin NEXT WEEK.

  • Once ‘Completing the Puzzle’ returns, I will commence my next read-through, dealing with any typos (there will always be some we didn’t spot) and generally doing a brush up and polish.

  • Hubbie will begin the arduous task of formatting the book, first for Kindle and then for Lulu.  It takes FOREVER and each header and footer needs to be checked and double checked.  Much wine for me, much whisky for hubbie.

  • Before I press the ‘live’ button on Amazon, I’ll do my final check on my own Kindle.  I’ll also order my own copy of the paperback and read again.

  • Wednesday 6th June!!!!!  Both formats of the book will be out there to be purchased and I’ll become a nervous wreck as I watch sales and wait for those first reviews.

  • Saturday 9th June we’ll celebrate with a book launch dinner hosted by ‘Fenella’ - she really is like a proud mother hen, spoils me rotten and supports me every step of the way.  I am truly grateful for her friendship.  Without my hubbie or her, I wouldn’t be doing this writing lark.  I know our ‘intimate’ launch will be a hoot and a night to remember.  Watch this space, I may post some pictures.

So there you have it.  Once again my brain has taken control and I don’t intend to argue with it.  Who knows, one day those ideas may stop popping up and then I’ll be moaning.

But for now … DO NOT DISTURB!

The Mummy Misfit books are available at Amazon for Kindle and at Lulu in paperback.
WEDNESDAY 6TH JUNE - ‘COMPLETING THE PUZZLE’ is released in both formats.


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