Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Holding Mummy Misfit


I’ve given birth again!

I pushed and grunted, sweat blood and tears and I finally got to hold my baby.  Only this time I made hubbie do quite a lot of the work too - no sitting back and mopping my brow this time, buddy!  You can get involved too.

Yes, my paperback has been delivered and is now available to buy at Lulu.com.

OK the conception wasn’t quite as much fun as before and the gestation period was longer than an elephant’s but I got there in the end.

Publishing on Kindle was great, as it got me on the path to selling my story and building a group of followers, but there’s nothing quite like holding a real life copy of your work in your hands.  It’s a proper book with a glossy cover, spine, pages and everything!   And holding it means I can do the all important ‘sniff’ - hope I’m not the only one with this weird habit, but I do like a good noseful of book odour and you can’t do that on a Kindle. (And shouldn’t be seen doing it in a library, trust me!)

My news was received with excitement from friends, family and my Twitter buddies - you know who you are, guys, and I truly thank you for helping to make my day so special.

And suddenly I saw copies of my book selling - it was really quite surreal.  The world of the internet got the word out there within minutes and my book was being printed and shipped.  Wonder if I’ll ever see a copy in a charity shop?  Now that would be funny!

As I hold my work in my hand, I’m preparing to give birth again - the sequel is almost ready and this time it will go to Kindle and hard copy at the same time.  More pushing and grunting and uttering the words “I’m never doing this again!” with a murderous look at hubbie.

So forgive me if this blog sounds a little over excited but I have to admit to feeling a little giddy.  I might even put on my best frock and pearls tonight and have a bit of a party - it’s a long way from a book launch but I never would have dreamed I’d get this far and I think I deserve to celebrate.

Mummy Misfit lives!

You can now buy 'Diary of a Mummy Misfit' in paperback at LuLu (or US site) and also for Kindle at Amazon UK and US.  The sequel, 'The Darker Side of Mummy Misfit', coming soon!


  1. I bet it feels great to hold your book in your hands. There's nothing quite like a 'real' book.

    I'm spreading the blog love today and have nominated your blog for an award. You can pick it up here:


  2. Congratulations! A real labour of love :)

  3. Congratulations! There really is nothing quite like it, is there?
    My second paperback recently arrived... I couldn't wipe the grin off my face!!

  4. Wow - congratulations!!! What an achievement! I am not surprised you are over excited, I too would be bouncing off the walls if I ever produced such an achievement.
    P.s Yes, I'm partial to a bit of book smelling, especially brand new textbooks, aaaaaaahhhhh.

  5. It's a brilliant feeling isn't it?! You work so hard on a book and then it's suddenly in your hands. Wow, what an amazing buzz.

    Good luck with sales.
    (CJ) xx

  6. Well done! I should be receiving my book this week. The postman is looking a bit scared as I keep leaping out at him - I am sure he will be glad when it arrives too !

    Mummy on the Edge