Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Have You met Ms Jones?

I’ve written (or ranted) about Liz Jones before (see link) and since then I’ve stuck to my guns and haven’t read any of her articles - why put my blood pressure up because of some dopey trollop’s misguided opinions?

But my hubbie drew my attention to this article and, well done Liz, you’ve taken me to new heights of anger.

Never has a more selfish and odious specimen of woman-kind walked this earth.  She careers through life moaning and whingeing, firmly believing she’s never in the wrong and that she should always get what she wants.

If you’re not familiar with the lovely Ms Jones, let me fill you in with the Lonely Hearts Ad I’d write for her:
Feminist, early 50’s
Bunny Boiler
Seeks sperm for her own selfish needs

Think that says it all really!

She has endless failed relationships behind her (never her fault, of course), claimed to hate children and never wanted her own.  Then, when she realised she might be ‘getting on a bit’, she tricked her partner (who she wasn’t even that keen on) by, and it pains me to say this, taking the contents of a used condom and ‘upending’ it in the hope that she’d become pregnant.

And her defence?

“I don’t understand why more men aren’t wise to this risk - maybe sex addles their brain. So let me offer a warning to men wishing to avoid any chance of unwanted fatherhood: if a woman disappears to the loo immediately after sex, I suggest you find out exactly what she is up to.”

So, having recognised it’s ‘unwanted fatherhood’, she then adds salt to the wound by saying that she has friends who have done the same thing - some successfully - who now have children by men who either never get to see them or are forced to pay child maintenance.  My heart bleeds for the children and fathers affected by this selfish manipulation.

Understand why I fear for my blood pressure?

She (and her ilk) firmly believe that it’s their God-given right to have a baby and will go to any lengths to get one.  Her partner had already said that he wanted to use condoms as he didn’t trust her - says it all really, doesn’t it?  Thankfully, her attempts failed and the Stork was wise enough not to bless her with a visitation.  I actually question whether or not she’s fit to look after her cats, let alone a child.

Surely this ‘act’ is theft?  She was stealing something which didn’t belong to her for her own purpose, without permission or discussion.  And, yes, I feel that women who claim to be on the pill for the same reason are just as guilty.  A baby should never be created purely because a woman has decided she wants one.  ‘I want’ doesn’t always get - that’s life, I’m afraid.  I’d love a night with Curtis Stigers, and hubbie wouldn’t say ‘no’ to a touch of Kylie (both without procreation!), but it’s still not gonna happen!

I have no issue with career women who have a last minute panic to find a man and start a family - my issue is with those who do it deceitfully.  How can they create a life based on lies and a total disregard for others?

Ladies, if you’ve left it too late, bad planning I’m afraid!  But if you really feel you have to have a baby, there are sperm banks for that sort of thing where you pay for what you want not thieve.

And if my argument hasn’t yet convinced you of Ms Jones’ madness, this is the same woman who dropped fake tan on her partner’s immaculate cream carpet and then removed a light-bulb so that he wouldn’t see it. Psychopathic?

Liz Jones gets paid to wind people up - I’m well aware of that - and, boy, does she do a good job of it.  Anyone want to pay me to wind people up?

So that’s it - I WILL NEVER READ ANOTHER OF HER ARTICLES IN MY LIFE.  In my opinion, they should carry a government health warning, as should the other bunny-boilers like her when they’re out on the town looking for an unwitting donor.

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  1. OK, my blood is boiling too. I can only hope she is writing such insanely selfish tripe to order for cash, rather than actually carrying out condom upending deeds, because the alternative is too sad to contemplate. Stupid, stupid woman.