Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Misfit Firsts

This week I’ve been tagged by Older Single Mum (@mumoldersingle)  See her blog here.  My task is to reveal my ‘Firsts’.

Bit of brain wracking needs to go on here, so bear with …

My First Boyfriend
He was called Matthew and I met him at church youth group - the place to go to meet boys in those days and not because I was particularly religious.  Matthew was dark, deep and broody.  He liked to look at the moon and say profound things. A bit of an arty-farty with a family to match, so I was bored with him within a fortnight and we said our goodbyes.  We’d often meet at parties and have a chat and on a couple of occasions he’d try to get back together with me but it wasn’t to be.

The First Person I kissed
His name was Andy and it was at a party at a friend’s house.  I can remember thinking, “Oooh, I don’t like this very much.  His tongue feels like a hedgehog!”  We never went on a date but ‘got off’ with each other (in the 70’s, this meant kissing only) at a couple of other house parties then went our separate ways.

My First Job
I had the dream Saturday job for a young teen - working in a sweet shop with all the chocolate I could eat and all the magazines I could read, for free.  Plus there was a chemist next door so I could go and spend my wages on eye-shadows and lipsticks before my big night out.  The downside to this job was that whilst working there I was also in Grange Hill and had been called for an audition for a Disney film.  On the day I was due to attend, the sweet shop owner’s wife called to say that her husband had had a heart-attack and she needed me to open the shop for him.  I never made it to the audition - too nice or too stupid?  You decide!

My First Paypacket.
Oh don’t ask me stuff like that!  It would involve figures and numbers and I don’t do those.  However much it was for it would have been spent within an instant.  Miss Selfridge and Jane Norman would have been calling.

My First CD
This would have been jointly owned with my husband - yes we were behind the times.  ‘The Best of Talking Heads.’  We’d dance around our little one bedroom flat (pre-marriage) playing it over and over again.  It’s the CD that was responsible for a rather dramatic smashing of a glass light fitting!  Hubby was doing an over-enthusiastic impersonation of David Byrne and jumped just a little too high.  We were finding bits of that light for months!

My First Holiday Abroad
This was with my first serious boyfriend when I was eighteen and we went to his family’s flat in France.  It probably wasn’t the wisest move as my dad had died two months before and I spent the whole time miserable and missing my mum.

What age were you when you moved out of your parents’ home?
Ah a tricky one.  I moved out in my mid twenties to share a house with the above mentioned boyfriend.  A couple of years later I was lured away by my now husband, so I moved back in with my mum while hubbie-to be and I searched for a flat.

I now tag Donna Trinder (@Donna_Trinder)  Her blog ‘Lost and Found’ can be seen here and next week I’ll be tackling a set of questions set by her.

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  1. Brilliant! I did gag a bit at hedgehog tongue though ;)!
    I definitely think too nice, not stupid :)and thank you xxxx

  2. Thank you for picking up the baton so brilliantly. You and men! Love the story about the light fitting!