Wednesday, 15 February 2012

The A-Z of Me

I’ve been tagged by the lovely Mandy @mummyontheedge1 - you know, the lady who did the great interview with me?

By accepting this tag, I need to reveal the A-Z of me.  That’s me in 26 words.

Here goes.

A - Amanda.  Also Mandy, Manda, Mindy, Mindus-Maximus! Oh, and I’m probably called lots of other names that are unprintable!

B - Bonkers!  Truly, I am.  You should see the daft things we get up to in my family.

C - Chocoholic.  Love it, love it love it.  Any type, apart from white, and I’m happy.

D - Dog-minding agency.  I run Digs4Dogs from home, part time.  Sadly we don’t have the dogs to stay with us (our cats won’t allow it) - we have a bank of minders who care for the dogs as an alternative to kennels.

E - ‘Eages’ - what my husband calls me, derivative of my maiden name Egan.  He NEVER calls me anything else.

F - Fussy.  There are certain things I like to be just so and if they’re not, it bugs me.

G - Goddess.  Domestic.  I’ll never be one!  My house is lovely, I can cook well but I hate cleaning - life’s too short.

H - Hostess.  I love to have friends for dinner and take great pride in my table settings and entertainment.  No, I’m not Mrs Bucket - but I do like a candle-lit supper.

I - Imperfect.  Aren’t we all? 

J - Jazz.  I love the standards - not the manic ‘rapist’s mind’ stuff but the smooth, sexy kind.

K - Kinky!  No, no that!  I’d love to have kinky hair - not curly - just kinky.  Mine is poker straight and drives me mad.

L - Legs.  I like mine.  There’s not a great deal I like about my body so I *high five* them!

M - Mum.  The best job in the world.  I also have the best mum in the world myself.

N - Number-phobe.  If it wasn’t a word, it is now.  I’m terrified of them.  Useless at maths and get worse as the years go on, yet I can double the numbers on car registration plates in a flash.

O - Overly protective.  In a massive way, of those I love.

P - Painter - I love painting and decorating.  I must get it from my lovely dad but give me a paintbrush or roller and I’m in heaven.

Q - Quick.  I do everything quickly.  This can lead to mistakes and hubbie often just shakes his head at me as I take short-cuts or stuff up (cake-decorating, cutting threads from garments etc.).

R - Regular back pain sufferer (OK, I cheated but it’s my blog and I’ll do what I like!).  I have a disc bulge that often plagues me for months.  Yoga seems to have sorted it.

S - Stubborn.  Very.  It runs in the family and I have passed it on to my son.

T - Tolerant.  It’s a talent I’ve learned over the years.  But I can only be pushed so far and then there’s no going back.

U - Unplanned.  I was a mistake - my mum started to feel sick and blamed the paint fumes from my dad’s decorating.  Nine months later, a little Mummy Misfit was born!

V - Vi.  My real life Fairy Godmother is responsible for an awful lot of what went into make me who I am.

W - Worrier.  I worry about everything.  If there’s nothing to worry about, I’m worried.

X - Xtremely in love with my husband.  I think he’s the best.  He makes me laugh, supports me in everything I do and is the fairest and nicest person I know.

Y - Yoga.  I do it reluctantly but I do see the benefits.

Z - Zen-like state!  I go into another place when I write and often shock myself.

So there you go, that’s me!

I now tag @michellebetham.  Here's her blog - go check her out.

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  1. Excellent blog post! But, before I pop off and do my own A-Z of me, you wouldn't like to pop up here with that paintbrush, would you? I've got a wall in my living-room that desperately wants painting! ;-) x