Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Casting my Dream

With so many of my readers saying that the Diary and the Darker Side would make a great mini series, I’ve decided to spend today in Fantasy Land and announce my dream cast.

We’ll kick off with the obvious - LIBBY. Now what do we know of our main character?  She’s feisty but insecure, attractive but lacking in confidence and intelligent but ditzy!  Oh and she has a fantastic pair of bosoms! So I’d award the lead to JESSICA HYNES (formerly Stevenson) of Spaced and Shaun of the Dead fame:

As Libby’s husband, the very gorgeous NED, my first choice would be DAVID TENNANT.  Yum!  He’s got the looks and the easy-going charm needed for Ned - and, of course, he’d rake in the female viewers:

FENELLA, Libby’s affluent and mad-cap side-kick, proved to be slightly trickier because although the lovely Joanna Lumley would be perfect, she’s just a tad too old (sorry Jo!) so I’ve opted for CAMILLA SIMSON of ‘Crabbie’s Ginger Beer’ ad fame, purely because of the voice  but I also think her looks are quite fitting. “It’s only for grown-ups, Sweedie!”:

And so we move on to the eccentric and loveable MRS SENGUPTA.  I’m sure there must be many a talented elderly Asian actress who would be just perfect for this part but, in the absence of any hitting my radar, I’d opt for a very toned-down Ummi from The Kumars at No 42 played by MEERA SYAL.

I have my friend and loyal reader, Moira, to thank for the excellent suggestion of casting the cheekily handsome PRITESH.  Thankfully she must have envisaged him exactly the way I intended because her idea of NAVEEN ANDREWS from The English Patient and Lost fits the bill just perfectly.  It’s amazing Libby manages to resist!

So that’s the stage set with the main characters.  Have you read the books?  Would you agree or do you have any suggestions of your own?  Go on, let your imagination run wild!

If you haven’t read the books, maybe my fantasy cast has whet your appetite?  Diary of a Mummy Misfit and the sequel, The Darker Side of Mummy Misfit can be found at Amazon for Kindle and in paperback at Lulu (20% discount on all Lulu books for a limited time if you quote: CHERUBUK)


  1. Completely agree with your choices! Jessica Hynes is a fab actress and would really fit the role of Libby. David Tennant is an excellent choice for Ned!! :)

    Meets Syal is fab! She would play an excellent Mrs Sengupta.

    Excellent cast!! This HAS to be done :)

  2. I've done similar for my own books, but I used this site:

  3. Great casting so far - but we really need to get to grips with who to pick to play some of the baddies like Nasty Marcia, Gnome and Gestapo.
    After all, baddies are SO much fun to play!

  4. Oh my goodness this is a perfect cast!
    Particularly Jessica Hynes, exactly who I pictured as I read Libby.
    And I will NEVER say no to a bit of Mr Tennant on my screen! Now... Who holds the rights to making this happen?!

    (@orange_peas on Twitter)

  5. I'd like to play one of the Headteachers!

    I had difficulty posting because I'm not familiar with 'URLs'

  6. Moira knows me. I'm the one who was prepared to play a headteacher. Saw her at the end of last year. Moira, help!

  7. Lmao now I can put real faces to the people & totally imagine them playing the parts.

    Fantastic selection of "actors" & the next step is getting it on the big screen.

    Make your dream a reality. x

  8. Perfect casting, m'dear! You've got the job. :) xx