Friday, 5 July 2013

Hop on by, Katie!

An extra blog this week because I need a rant - and we all know that the Misfit needs to vent her spleen every now and again.

Remember, you heard it here first - I would lay my last penny on the vile and obnoxious Katie Hopkins of ‘The Apprentice’ fame announcing a book deal soon.

There can quite simply be no other reason for her outburst and subsequent exposure - we had it with Samantha Brick and we’re being groomed again now.

For those who are not aware of the history, Ms. Hopkins appeared on ‘This Morning’ earlier this week and declared that she won’t let her children play with kids with ‘common’, unusual or geographical names. I refuse to give the YouTube link or any related articles as I don’t want to drive more traffic her way - unless of course it’s an out-of-control articulated lorry!

Not quite sure that she completely stands by her views as, ironically, her children are called India, Poppy and Maximillian. Go figure!

But apparently children who are not given traditional names such as Harry, Sophie or Emily come from ‘stupid’ parents.  These children are always late for school, don’t complete their homework and are not allowed to be around Katie’s little darlings.  Sweeping generalisation, huh?

This from the woman who has shown herself up by not being able to spell synchronicity in a tweet and is unable to use an apostrophe correctly: ‘It isn't just the child's name is it? It is the manner in which it's mother yells it across the playground.’  Sloppy homework, huh?

What’s that about intelligence, Katie?

Not annoyed enough by this witch?  Try this.  Any mums out there with ginger children?  One of her tweets this morning stated,

‘Ginger babies.  Like a baby, just so much harder to love'.

We might expect this from the likes of Frankie Boyle but not from a so called ‘loving mother'.

She has continued to post tweet after provocative tweet this morning and is making herself look like a demented woman who has lost the plot.

But more likely she’s stirring up the hornet’s nest of public opinion before she hits us with her ‘bestseller'.

I’d do anything to get a book deal, to get my works out there to the reading masses - but nobody could ever pay me to be hated.  Which in effect is what she’s doing by compromising any dignity she might once have had.

So, I wish her well.  If there is a book it will no doubt go to #1 in a flash, but hopefully disappear just as quickly ... along with her.  If there isn’t, I hope she gets the professional help she needs.

Rant over.  As you were …

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  1. least she didn't prostitute her poor suffering shy and emotionally smothered son on 'this morning' to try to sell her uneducated scribblings!!! you should stop embarrassing your family and clean your tobacco stinking kitchen because it looks filthy.

    1. I had to publish this because it made me laugh so much. You are clearly a little odd as you seem to know so much (but so little of the truth) about my life - I would suggest you stop winding yourself up and following me. There's a name for people like you ;)
      By the way - my kitchen colour is called 'Tapestry Thread'

    2. Anonymous...hard to imagine why?

      I do so love trolls like you, you're like a low rent Katie Hopkins yourself, hopefully without the horse face and imagineably without the sizeable income & PR slots...

      But the fabulous thing is you will now give Amanda fodder to pen a vile & jealous character, like yourself, in her forthcoming novel and kill her off.

      Happy thoughts to you, Anonymous...

      Oh, also, 'This Morning' - proper noun, do give it the capitals it deserves. Ms. Egan her 'uneducated scribblings'. Hey, they sell well though, don't they?

    3. I take it Anon you are familiar with Amanda, her family & her kitchen sink?
      Well don't hide behind anonymity, show yourself & all your true colours so if you are a so called friend she can ignore you when you call!

      I agree with Donna I feel a starring role in her next book!

      Amanda you are a wonderful person & fantastic mum, for every lowlife "anon troll"there are hundreds or "nice" people perpared to name themselves!

    4. Thanks Ness. Yes I think this person must spend far too much time following my every move. Flattering really!
      Their spam is a little boring now though as they can't spell and they have no idea of the true facts.
      I should be thanking them though - blog hits and sales have been fab :) x

    5. Very easy for gutless wonders with an opinion to stay anonymous and hide behind their computer these days.

      This Anon to me looks like a jealous person who is jealous of Amanda's success as a writer and more importantly, a mother.

      As for uneducated, well it appears that Anon is the uneducated one judging by the lack proper nouns, punctuation etc.

      Show yourself Anon... or just stay quiet in your dark hole until you have the guts to show yourself and say something constructive!

    6. I agree, Jamie. She's clearly a perfect size six with no breasts! Oh, and a perfect husband and child with no issues at all. Not forgetting the stunning kitchen! And lots of best selling books under her belt.
      My books keep my disgusting roof over my head - enough said?
      All I ask is that people have the guts to give me an opinion WITH A NAME. If they don't - they should jog on and continue to wind themselves up!
      Thanks for your support Jamie ;) x

  2. She is a nasty, vile woman and I feel sorry for HER children having to live with such a vindictive mother! God forbid any of her children fall in love with a Tyler or a Charmaine...and I hope they have ginger babies!

    1. ''Anonymous'' is the resort of the coward. Nuff said.

  3. I think if you leave rude comments on a blog you should have the courage to leave your name.
    I watched This Morning and Im getting really annoyed with the programme, they have Katie Hopkins,Samantha Brick and the other horrible woman who has four children and pops up when there's some sort of child care debate such as drugging children on planes. Why have these vile women when they don't represent the ordinary woman who would watch the show?
    I really think these three women sit at home wondering what to write in their newspaper columns and come up with the most outrageous things just to be picked up and be paid to debate them on morning TV. I do not think for one minute they believe what they say,by saying these things it's the only way they can make a living. Who in this world believes Samantha Brick is so gorgeous that strange men pay her train fare and buy her flowers? I am seriously going off This Morning.

    1. I totally agree, Anne. It's the coward's way out out to leave an 'anon' comment. But then some people have nothing better to do.
      I appeared on 'This Morning' but in no way did I 'prostitute' my son - he wanted to do it to help other parents and kids. It was about school phobia not my books.
      But my 'uneducated scribblings' are selling rather well.

    2. You don't have to justify yourself! Stop it!!

      Also, while you were 'prostituting your son' (he seemed to enjoy the experience and came across as such a well rounded & educated young man btw) I don't recall any mention of your books?

      You did help & inspire people with your appearance on This Morning. Well done for having the guts to go & speak out.

      I agree with everything you said, Anne xx

    3. ...from what i recall you tried to plug your 'books' at the end of the interview but got cut off by the presenters. your just gutted now that you didn't take a more controversial slant to receive the media attention you were craving. that poor boy. #KatieHopkinsWIN #MisfitFAIL

    4. Not quite sure why I'm continuing to give you a voice but everyone is entitled to their opinion, even if they're not brave enough to put their name to it.
      If you despise me that much why keep following my movements? Do yourself a favour, please, get a life. You seem to think you know so much about mine but really you should have one of your own.
      'That poor boy' was delighted to be on TV and help other kids and parents otherwise we wouldn't have done it.
      By the way, hastags are for Twitter not blogs.
      I will not be publishing any more anon comments. Move on.

  4. Neither of my boys have 'traditional' names and my wife is a natural ginger... What does that say about me?

    1. LOL! You clearly need to work through these awful problems you have in life and will never be a success! Dye the wife's hair, change the children's names to Edward and Harry or be doomed for ever! ;) x

    2. I can't remember last when my wife's hair was its natural colour (she did dye it a dark ginger earlier this year) and I could revert to calling the boys by there more traditional middle names of Thomas and Gavin lol ;) x

  5. Never works, this stuff. As you say, will be gone soon. And worse, as another commentator pointed out, to use your family...what was that famous writer/journo who wrote 2 novels about her son etc....As you know, I may mention my BH and DD but no names..... never and never in books. Her kids will grow up to be stigmatized on the's them one should be sorry for. BAD MOTHER!!!!!!

  6. Dear Troll
    I can assure you that Amanda did not plug her book on This Morning because I remember asking her why she didn't. You obviously have never had a teenager or you would know they never do anything they don't want to do and Amanda's son did extremely well showing everyone that what his mum did by sticking by him worked. Have you read her books? Maybe you should, it seems like you need some humour in your life.
    Amanda, please do not justify yourself,you are a great mum and we all love your books and your blog, plug your books as much as you like.

  7. Thanks for this Anne - yes, you're so right, teens won't even get out of bed when you tell them! He was delighted to be on TV, felt no nerves and calmed ME down.
    The upshot of all this is, I'm proud of my son and he's proud of me - what more could a family ask for?

  8. Hello Amanda I agree with the comments about this character who says such vile hurtful things. I didn't see your TV appearance so can;t comment, but I read one of your books which wasn't my genre really, but it was so well written, had such nice characters that I read on, so the comment about your writing was total nonsense in my opinion. Trolls should head for middle earth and stay there

  9. As a final note on this post I would just like to add to my troll (who thinks they know me so well) my son was not bullied (re; your spam) It just occurred to me that you needed to be pulled up on that one - maybe a bit more research on your part is required?

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  12. Just finished Lotties Luck. What a great read, had me hooked with all its twists and turns right up till the end . Lovely book and very well written. You are very talented Amanda :)

  13. Thanks so much, Caz - so glad you enjoyed it :) x

  14. My Lord, is it still going on? Jesus, I thought your interview was great, bringing attention to a worthy cause (the issue of school anxiety, not your son!) I really think it needed highlighting and will have helped a lot of parents and children out there, suffering from the same problems and not knowing what to do. You keep going hun, although, could you stop writing please, I still have last two on my Kindle to devour!

  15. Now get out in the garden and start writing another lol I need my reading fix lol :) x

  16. Yes, Rachel - 'it' has no life so continues to post unpublished comments. I'm happy to have given someone a purpose! ;) x

  17. I am not anonymous the troll
    but an anon mum who cannot reveal my identity which will become clear from the following

    I started following Amanda's blog a couple of years ago and have read nearly all her books. (Lottie's luck in on my list to read).
    Amanda was brave enough to talk about her family's living hell of School phobia. This takes many forms and not always bullying.

    She was a great support to me as we were going thru that particular hell too. It takes over life and is not just on school days, but weekends are spent dreading Monday.

    Amanda and her son were very brave to go on TV to highlight this subject and hopefully get help for other families. She did not parade him or promote her books.

    Amanda you dont deserve this unkindness.

    I have remained anon mum on this post as I would not want to upset my child who was affected by this phobia.


    1. Thank you so much for this comment and if we helped just a couple of people, we'll be happy. Had my son not wanted to do the TV or national papers, I wouldn't have given it a second thought. He wanted to help others, simple.
      Yes, it does take over your life, as you quite rightly state, and it is very easy for others to pass judgment if they have never been in that position.
      As for the unkindness from my stalker - how sad that they would want to waste their life hating someone for being a loving mother, writing humorous chicklit and painting their kitchen a colour that upsets people!!!
      You have to laugh! ;)

  18. I think you should completely blank the stalker and don't give him/her a mention. Whether the her/his facts are correct or not doesn't really matter as no-one will see them. What a waste of time!!

    Hope you've have a beautiful Saturday. xx

  19. Moira, I would blank them but their sad comments come through to spam - I have to deal with them xxx

  20. Dear Troll
    I don't think you've been listening. I didn't publish your last comment as YOU WERE TOLD I would not be publishing any more from you and certainly not untruths. I'm delusional? You can't even get your facts straight!
    Why are you wasting your time on me?
    But thanks for coming back - you gave us more information to go on.

  21. Hello Amanda

    Although I don't know you well I am on your side. Good luck with handling this ghastly person who is being so unpleasant for whatever reason. I would imagine jealousy is the most likely motive. It has at least flushed out lots of friends, new and old, who are backing you up, so that at least is a good thing. Someonbe once told me I was wicked to use the assasination of John Lennon in one of my plots, and it upset me a lot until I got support from other people.

    All best

    1. Thanks Geoffrey - yes it's true it has revealed how much support I have.
      Wicked to use John Lennon's assassination? How odd! Like you could change the outcome?!
      And,yes,I think jealousy is the main motive.
      Thanks for your comments :)