Monday, 18 March 2013

Introducing 'Lottie's Luck'

Regular readers will remember that I'd given myself the deadline date of March 16th to complete the first draft of my new novel 'Lottie's Luck'.  Well I actually finished a week early, which gave me the opportunity to spend a week on my first round of rewrites and an edit.

The book is now in the hands of my hubbie for his usual cruel treatment and once this is complete we will begin the process of joint editing - a horrible, exhausting time that takes weeks of arguing, screaming and debating.  But ... the book will be better for it and our marriage (usually) survives.

So 'Lottie's Luck' will hit the shelves of Amazon and Lulu on Wednesday 19th June and I'd like to tell you a little bit more about it - so that you can decide if it's going to be the book for you.

The novel is told in a chatty, conversational style - almost as if the reader is one of Lottie's closest friends, gossiping and having a catch-up over a coffee.  Lottie begins her story on the day she feels her previous good luck starts to change.  But is this true or is fate simply guiding her in a new direction?

What can I tell you about our main character?  Well, first and foremost she's a dog lover and, as she also works with them, she has little time for 'girlie' things - make up and heels are not her bag, she's happier in her trademark wellies (she has many!).  'Dressing up' means a decent pair of boots over clean jeans and a cursory comb through her hair.

 Keira Knightley would be a perfect Lottie.

A lot of what happens to Lottie is predicted and hinted at by her dotty clairvoyant neighbour, Venetia.  Lottie has known Ven all her life and she's like a second mum.  When she first met her, she was convinced she was already a hundred years old but now she doesn't see an age - just an old friend who she loves dearly, even when she's hinting at difficult journeys through her crystal ball, tea-leaves or 'visions'.

The wonderful Alison Steadman as Madame Arcati
would be my ideal Venetia.

Now, Lottie has a rather tasty boyfriend.  He's an accountant, he's groomed, he's loaded and he can be just a tad irritating at times.  Lottie and Nat are chalk and cheese.

Presenting Mr Brad Pitt

Adding just a touch more eye candy, may I introduce Dan.  He's a landscape gardener and a client of Lottie's and she gets it into her head that he would be ideal for her best friend Amy.

Yes, it's the Coke Ad man - we don't need a name, do we?!

Dan has a rather special dog - he's quite crucial to the storyline so I have to include him in the images. He's no pedigree and would never be seen at Crufts.  May I bring you ...


So that's roughly the cast for 'Lottie's Luck'.  Have I left you wanting to know more?  Do you want to know what this lot will get up to?  It's not a smooth ride for them and I hope you'll often be screaming in frustration at the pages.  Poor Lottie gets put through the ringer but everything happens for a purpose.

I'll leave you with the song I feel best sums up this novel.  In particular the following lines:

'Life has a funny way of sneaking up on you
when you think everything's OK
and everything's going right.
And life has a funny way of helping you out
when you think everything's gone wrong
and everything blows up in your face'.

Alanis Morisette

'Lottie's Luck'   - because sometimes your luck hasn't run out, you're simply ignoring the signs.
June 19th 2013

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  1. Sounds great - especially the landscape gardener!Good luck with the edits - I can think of nothing worse than letting BH look at my mss. You are (both) braver than we are!)

  2. Sounds good to me - can;t wait! : )

  3. Yet again something different, i do wonder which character you like writing about the most, have you got the photos pined up to give you insperation x

  4. Thanks for your comments.
    Ian, I find that I have to love writing ALL my characters otherwise I get bored with them and if I'm bored with them what hope would there be for my readers?
    And I never use photos before I write - I know that's a bit odd but I like to create the people, write the book and THEN look for actors or actresses who best fit the bill.
    Yes, I'm an oddball!

  5. This post caught my eye on my Blogger dashboard because of the name of the character. Lottie was my late grandmother's name :) I'm looking forward to reading this book because I've also written a young female character who loves dogs and wellies (well, one dog in particular) and it'll be good to see where you've taken the idea. Always enjoy your books, Amanda. Putting this on my to-read list already. Best of luck with it! x