Tuesday, 31 July 2012

I'd Like You To Step Into My Office

I’ve been reading a lot of blogs lately where writers talk about their writing spaces - whether that be office, shed or kitchen table.

As my readers will know, my writing career began in my car - my tin box on wheels was my creative environment for three years and in many ways it was heavenly as there were no distractions and no excuses.  My working day began at 8.30 am and finished at 4.00 pm and every minute was spent productively - apart from the time spent eating chocolate and Wotsits.  I developed quite a thing for those delicious little cheesy puffs and always had a couple of family packs in the boot.

My working habits are completely different now - I’m based at home, from the kitchen table or on the sofa upstairs with the coffee table as my desk.  Sometimes I like to work in complete silence but, more often than not, I have GOLD TV on in the background.  How relieved was I to find that one of my favourite writers, Jill Mansell, works in much the same way - always with the TV on, notebook on her lap and her feet on the coffee table.

Sometimes I dream of having my own secluded writing shed - a space just for me - but then I worry that I’d have it all beautifully set out with pens and pin-boards and my writer’s bits and bobs and I'd just sit and stare out of the window, unable to write a word.  I guess I don’t want to mess with what I know works for me.

So while I may have high hopes for this ...

... in reality, I have this:

This scene shows my kitchen table mode - it’s the school holidays, so this is where I can currently be found.  The essentials are:

Laptop - I admire Jill Mansell for writing in long-hand in a notebook but it’s not for me.
Mobile - I can guarantee my mum will ring with a shopping list at some point.  This can range from a loaf of bread to a Microwave (really!).
Coffee Cup - if working at night, this would be replaced with a wine glass.
Notes for current work in progress - each chapter is roughly outlined and a word count kept up to date. Character studies in more detail.  This particular file also contains interviews and research.
Diary - to keep check of sales during the day.
TV remote - for when I realise I can recite the current episode of ‘The Good Life’ word for word.
Glasses - my eyes have aged since I’ve been writing.
Ashtray - not shown because that’s just yuck.
Kindle - for when I want a break and a quick sneaky read.

So, fellow writers, show me how you work.  I’d love to know!

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  2. Hahahaha. Curled up on the couch with a pen and notepad or hunched over my computer. Either way, my posture stinks.

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