Friday, 15 November 2013

FUNKY FRIDAY - with reader 'Indie Girl'

We welcome a reader this week, someone I got to know on Twitter and who I have good reason to believe may one day get a book of her own out there.

So let's settle with Elle and find out a bit more about her and what she likes to read.

As an avid reader, what ticks all the boxes for you?

As a mum of two who works full-time I need books for escapism that make me laugh, or at the very least that make me smile!

You can take five books on holiday - what are they?

Union Street by Pat barker. It’s a snapshot that is so bleak it’s terrifying - it’s proof that life for modern women has improved hugely since the 70’s.
Charlie Big Potatoes by Phil Robinson. A cautionary tail of the highs and lows of drugs, I really loved this book and had great empathy for him.
My Mad Fat Teenage Diary by Rae Earl. Loved this, it was funny and heartbreaking and a fantastic read.
Lottie’s Luck by Amanda Egan (!!!) At the time of answering these questions I'm four chapters in and looking forward to reading while flying.
Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.  I loved that it was written from the two opposing perspectives of man and wife - quite surreal and very very odd in places!

Dream time!  Ideal dinner party - five guests, dead or alive - who would they be and why?

Morrissey – caustic wit (not sure what I’d cook him as I’ve returned to my meat eating ways).
Jim Morrison – I wouldn’t be wanting Poetry Jim – I’d want Party Jim.
Courtney Love – I can’t see anyone eating anything at this dinner party but I imagine she would have some great stories to tell.
Janet Street Porter – again, great stories and I think she might help me keep the peace with the above.
Jamie Oliver ... well I’m going to need a hand cooking for these picky guests aren’t I? Not sure whiskey, a few lines of cocaine and a carrot will really cut it!

What kind of books make you want to chuck them at the wall?

Anything with the word cupcake in the title!
50 Shades of Grey was utter dirge in my opinion – not my bag at all!

Is there one book you can read over and over again?

Tiger’s Eye by Judy Blume
My Mad Fat Teenage Diary – Rae Earl
Maribou Stork Nightmares – Irvine Welsh

What were the books you read as a child that got you hooked?

I was an only child in the 1970’s.  TV was slim pickings, there were no games consoles so I read avidly. I started off with Enid Blyton (I rile against the recent criticism of her books, she wrote about the time and her books reflect that and the ideals and prejudices of those times), The Magic Faraway Tree, The Famous Five and I loved Mallory Towers. I yearned to go to boarding school, sleep in a dorm and have midnight feasts; it was certainly a far cry from a 60’s built council estate in Jarrow and the discontent of Thatcher’s Britain! I progressed to Judy Blume and learned about life, love and relationships through the likes of Are You There God It’s Me Margaret, Forever and Tiger’s Eye.

That concludes my Funky Friday and I if I sound interesting, I can be found on Twitter @indiegirl101 

Thanks for dropping in, Elle [and no, I didn't bribe her for plugging Lottie's Luck !]

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