Friday, 8 November 2013

FUNKY FRIDAY - with author Rachel Dove

Today I welcome my fellow 'Big-Balls' friend and Indie writer Rachel Dove.  Rachel juggles studying, working, writing, reviewing, editing and being a mum to two young boys and I am in constant awe of her and what she manages to achieve in a 24hr period.

So, Rachel, how do you organise your time between studying, being a mum and writing?

Writing always tends to take a back seat unfortunately, but now my boys are at full time school, I have time to write daily - which will make a huge difference! I have a pad full of notes.

Tell us about your ideal writing day.

Take the boys to school, come home to a tidy house, write with coffee till noon, then have some lunch, work on some ideas in the afternoon and then put my mum hat on at pick up time. When the kids were in bed, I would read or write some more, or go through my WIP.

Dream time!  It's the most perfect week for you as a writer - what happens?

I finish Book 2, which is zinging around in my brain ALL the time. I am happy as I am for now, as I have a great publisher in Bayou Brew Publishing. A few more sales would not go amiss though! Book 3 is planned out and is based on personal experience so this is my most serious book.

What's the worst thing about writing for you?

Tiredness - when I do grab two minutes I am so tired that the words often do not flow, and working from home is a lot harder than a day job, with distractions of housework and social networking!

'Loose Women' want you as their new face!  Would you?

Hmm, I am far too opinionated and independent - my husband would kill me! Be a great laugh though, setting the world to rights.

You've been offered a squillion pounds to never write again - do you take it?

No, money would help my family, but my brain would explode if I could not write. Books are my favourite thing in the world, aside from my family (and wine!)


Planner or Winger?

Night or Morning?
I like both, I don't sleep enough by far!

Doer or procrastinator?
Depends on the task! Ironing etc, procrastination is the key!

Writing/first draft or editing?
First draft! Getting the words out of my head makes me happy, although I do love editing for my clients.

Tea or coffee?
Is Red Bull not an option? Tea then, I love herbal fruit teas.

‘Crossing Life Lines’, Rachel’s women's fiction book, is out now in paperback and ebook on Amazon.

Her new horror short is out now too from Bayou Brew Publishing - ‘The House of Sugar Blood’ out in ebook only.

You can also follow Rachel on Facebook, on her blog or on Twitter.

It's been great, as always, to chat to you Rachel - thank you for joining me on FUNKY FRIDAY.


  1. So glad you've found Rachel - she's a wonderful writer, and hugely supporting of other writers, too.

  2. It's fun on this blog! Lovely interview, thanks ladies.

  3. Thanks guys and thank you Amanda! I am deep in an editing cave at the minute so this has cheered me up no end! Xx