Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Ranting! Tread carefully ... (and see update at the bottom)

A short and not so sweet blog this week.

I have the hump.

I've now been in pain for ten days with a misdiagnosed ear-infection.  It went a week untreated, thanks to the STUPID nurse I saw.  The antibiotic/steroid drops I've since been given by the local minor injuries clinic do not appear to be working and I'm now grinding my teeth in pain throughout the night.

So … I now have toothache.  But what came first, the chicken or the egg?  The earache or the toothache?  Do you know what?  I'm now so spaced out on drugs, I have no idea.  Waking up at six am every morning with raging pain which goes from head to ear to mouth to jaw to neck tends to leave you slightly confused - and a little cranky.

Bu not half as cranky as you find yourself after spending the best part of a day looking for a good, reliable NHS dentist in your area.  Forget it!  Just forget it.  I'm destined to die in pain from a burst abscess or the likes - see I told you overdosing on painkillers and lack of sleep leave you confused.

Well why not just go private, I hear you say?  Yes, in the ‘good old days’ I would have done.  Those were the days when hubbie was working and we could afford such frivolities as dental hygiene.   Third world country?  The UK?

But now, every penny from every book goes to keeping our roof over our heads.  No holidays, no luxuries, no designer handbags.  And, at this rate, no bloody teeth!

I’m cross.  Yes, this is a RANTY blog.  I am STILL, four hours later, waiting for my PRIVATE dentist to call me back and see if I now qualify as an NHS patient.  It’s now 7.15pm - I don’t hold out much hope.

How sad that I find myself thinking that if we have a little lottery win, I could use it to sort out a possible toothache. Still no cruises or holidays (difficult without a passport) or posh handbags (charity shops have some corkers) - just piece of mind and a pain free night.

End of rant.  As you were.  And a word of advice - never mess with a woman with ear/toothache.

UPDATE -  4th April.  Roehampton Dental Care did not reply.  It took  FOUR chasing calls (FROM ME!) to be told that they 'cannot take any more NHS patients as they have reached their quota'.  WHY could their receptionist not have told me that in the first place??!!  I've worked in a dentist - it doesn't take too much working out!
In the meantime, I am in  incredible pain, possibly with an abscess or infection and nowhere for me to be seen as I don't have the funds.  We are now becoming more like The States.  The soonest appointment I can get is for Tuesday (in a crappy surgery) or the end of April (if I survive).
Not happy and still no further towards a resolve as we approach the weekend .


  1. I didn't realise that your hubby was not doing the day job anymore. Hugs hun xxx

  2. Toothache, abscess or earache would drive even the most timid, amenable person into a rant - it's your entitlement so make the most of it! Just think how well you'll feel when you're better though. For a short while, you will bask in gratefulness, then you'll forget..until the next time - been there, done that. Get well soon x

  3. He's not had a job for nearly five years - despite job searching EVERY day! 56, forget it :( xx

  4. So true, Amanda - a bit like back pain or childbirth. How quickly we forget ;) x

  5. I have Reynauds, so painful swollen hands and feet - affects everything I do, can't now open jars and ring pull cans, and am terrified one day I won't be able to write. So I totally sympathise. This must be soo painful. And you are coping with family and out-of work husband. A lot on your plate. I think things will, one at a time, start to resolve, as a previous commentator has said, and it will eventually feel a bit more like there is no longer a tunnel at the end of the light. Hold on to that thought.. (((( hug)))).

  6. Hope today's a better day :( xxx

  7. Thank you ladies - I'm sure things will improve soon, one way or the other. I may just get hubbie to take me to the vet and have me done away with ;) xx

  8. :( Oh gosh how horrible. We waited over a year to grab an NHS dentist several times calling the emergancy dentist for hubby when he had a very bad tooth then dry socket when it was removed poor man. I'm waiting on an appt got some nasty cavity ruining things. Hope the earach settles too. Grab a hot water bottle, hat maybe some clove oil? I dunno, just hugs! xx

  9. Right Easter is over and the winter is nearly gone, once all your pains are over with we have your new book to look forward to. Best foot forward and all of that not forgetting FT, looking forward to finding out more about Lottie x

  10. Ah dentists and NHS don't get me started! Hope you get sorted x

  11. Tuesday!!! Surely you could see the emergency Out of Hours dentist tonight, after 6pm or over the weekend. Not ideal, but you could get the antibiotics or at least a dental diagnosis. Hang in there x