Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Lost Tooth, Gained Wisdom

Well, what a week!

The ear infection that was ... wasn't.  The pain was eventually diagnosed as a nasty, TWISTED and manky wisdom tooth.

So these past few days have been a real learning curve for me in very many ways.  Wanna know what I've learnt?  Some of it I already knew, but some has been reinforced.

*  I have the best husband, son and mum in the world.  Nuff said.

*  I can do anything if I put my mind to it.  Years ago I was told by a dentist that the only way I'd be able to have wisdom teeth removed would be under general anaesthetic.  Not true.  The wonderful young man I saw at North End Road NHS Surgery was the most efficient, chairside-friendly dentist I have ever met in my life.  From start to finish, the way he dealt with me was 5* and I shall be leaving a review on any sites that I can when I get his full name (for now he is just simply 'Mr Wonderful').  Thankfully I just need to return for a scale and polish and to collect my dreaded 'night shield' to protect my gums but 'hats off' to this fantastic practice and I'll always return for future treatments.

*  My coping mechanism is to go into 'shutdown'.  Possibly annoying for those around but it works for me!  I did the same in labour - no swearing or cursing from me, just TOTAL silence and a glazed stare.  Hubbie told me that 'Mr Wonderful' looked me directly in the eye at one point during my dental treatment and said very calmly, 'Connect with me.  Focus on me.'  I don't remember, but it must have worked - five minutes later he had a massive tooth in his hands.

*  I now know why babies pull their ears when teething.  Good grief, what a confusing and travelling pain.  Mums, listen to me, it's true! 

*  I should not surf the web prior to any medical procedure.  So far I have 'died from an infected abscess, had a dry socket which has left me in agony for weeks, bled to death in my bed and also needed to be stitched up due to clots and anaemia'  Will I learn?  No! 

*  I escalate from mini-setback to major drama in under 30 seconds.  Being faced with 'The Amityville Horror' in the bathroom this morning instantly (in my mind) saw me in hospital and on life support (yes, I really work that quickly!)  Lovely hubbie, after saying, 'Shit!  That's a lot of blood!' then calmly dealt with me, and then the fantastic staff at the surgery put my mind at rest.  Why do I do that to myself?

*  I am a pitifully, stupid addict.  I know it's not advisable to smoke after an extraction and I managed to last for six hours without having a cigarette but that was as far as it went.  I have cut  RIGHT DOWN and I rinse with salt water or mouthwash after each one but I am a pathetic specimen.  SO pathetic, I may now be addicted to salt water and mouthwash!  If I get 'dry socket' I deserve no sympathy - you heard it here first.

*  The support from close friends, Twitterers and readers has been phenomenal.  From people I've known for years to people I've met a few times and those I plan to meet in the future, I've felt very loved and cared for by texts, emails and Twitter DM's.  One lady in particular, who also saw me through my last bout of sciatica, deserves a special mention.  Drum roll, please ... Ms Mireille Eustace!  If you're in or around Glasgow, go and see this lovely complimentary therapist at Napiers - I can guarantee you won't regret it.  Mireille has been there for me through this whole ordeal and advised me and calmed me down.  Her next visit to London is one I am REALLY looking forward to and my door, dining table and bed are waiting for her.  (Oooh, that sounded wrong but I just mean she's always welcome to shake a feather boa with me.)

* Dealing with something is far better than worrying about it.  What a total waste of energy.  My husband is the King of this philosophy and the more I live with him, the more I see that he's right.  Being married to me means he has a lot to put up with (!) and I love him more with each passing day for his sense of calm and logic.  I bagged a good one there!

* If your house is a tip and you've got friends with teens coming to stay, it doesn't matter.  A hearty meal, a lovely table, some daft games and a singalong will be all we need - time/distance (and a messy house!) mean nothing to some friendships.

*  Life without pain is wonderful!

So that was my week - hope you all had a good one and hoping mine continues to improve.



  1. Glad it's all over for you, and how wonderful to be surrounded by such love and affection : ))

  2. Glad it's on the mend.How awful it must have been for you.I live in Glasgow so I must check out Napiers as I've had a bad back and hip for years,nothing helps.I'm sure I commented on your last post it must have did it on my ipad and it's went into cyberspace,it happens sometimes.

    1. Hi Anne. Sorry to hear your last comment went adrift and also to hear about your back. Do go to Napiers - you can follow Mireille on Twitter @AuroraTherapy - she is a wonderful lady.
      I wish you well :)

  3. So happy you are on the mend, very interesting to read this blog comapared to last weeks. x

  4. Whew! It got sorted!! Thank goodness!!! With you on the 'don't search your symptoms out on the internet' I have some as yet undiagnosed thingy right now which means I can't eat properly and am losing weight - not in a good way. According to the digital doctor I have: cancer,IBS, anorexia,cancer somewhere else,kidney failure and something I thought you could only get if you were a sheep. So there.