Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Launch Day ... and a Misfit Mystery

As if you didn't already know, today is publication day for 'Gettting To Know Me' and I'm a tad excited.

But something has got me a bit hacked off.

A friend of a friend went to download one of my books based on recommendation, searching on my name alone.  Imagine her surprise when she found out that it was ... and I use this term lightly ... porn.  Exceptionally badly written porn.

Not only that, but this OTHER Amanda Egan has posted all of her trash on MY Goodreads page so, to all intents and purposes, they look like I've written them because they also link to my author profile.  Not good.

In trying to Google this elusive Amanda Egan, there is nothing - and I mean NOTHING - on the web about her.  Suspicious, huh?

We have now contacted Goodreads to ask them to trace the person who posted them on the WRONG page and in the meantime we have our detective hats on - something we're rather good at.

I wouldn't like to think that someone is doing this with malicious intent to damage my hard-earned reputation but if it turns out to be the case this person needs to know that we are like dogs with bones and they won't get away with it - and there will be consequences.

So ... readers beware.  I do not, and never will write porn or erotica and if I did, it would be a damned sight better than the dross this person is churning out.

Rant over!  Go download a decent read here and I'll get back to my sleuthing.

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