Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Every Little Helps ...

What a funny old place Twitter can be.  I've made friends (who I've gone on to meet in real life), chatted, promoted my books, been taken for a ride by a lunatic and been given various promo gifts including chocolates, books, lightbulbs and a picture frame.

But this blog is about a totally unexpected Twitter twist which has left me grinning like a Cheshire cat all day.

Yesterday I tweeted that we'd lost one of the teen's Christmas presents.  It has since materialised but in the the meantime @Tesco tweeted me and asked if they could help in any way.  As this particular present was not something that Tesco stock, I knew that this was unlikely.

However they continued to DM me as their policy is to #Make_Christmas and they wanted to help make mine a happy one.

I'd just happened to see a coat in one of their stores and, as I really don't need another coat, decided to exercise some restraint, put it back on the rack and walk away.  Once I got home though, I realised how much I liked it and decided that if I could find an online discount code for it, I'd treat myself.

When I found that all the codes had expired, I DMd @Tesco again to see if they knew of any current discounts that I could use.  Imagine my surprise when they messaged me this:

What size and colour were you looking for? We're buying this for you for Christmas :-) What's your address?

My reply - after reading three times!- was 'What?  Buying?!'

And was then told by the lovely David:

Yes, a present from us to you.

After a few more exchanges - where we discovered that there were no coats in my size available online as it's popularity has been huge after it featured in the press - I set off to my local Tesco in the hope that the one I'd looked at was still there.

I am now the proud owner of a double breasted boyfriend coat and it didn't cost me a penny.

David from @Tesco really did #Make_Christmas for me and all because of a random Tweet about a misplaced present.

So ... a huge thank you to Tesco.  This is the way to do customer service and I will wear my coat with pride.



  1. well,much as I HATE Trash co and all the exploitative stuff they do, they certainly came up trumps here. Do you think if I tried thois on Harrods I'd get the same response?

  2. Isn't it wonderful what a store will do when their face on the high street is not so rosy - I wonder if they'd have done this if their profit forecasts had been wonderful. Having said that, good for you, getting a new coat.

    (I wonder if Marks and Spencer will notice that I could use some new pants ...)

  3. Free Harrods knickers for us ladies! Let's see what we can do ;)

  4. you have no shame

    1. Ah, my troll re-appears! Unfortunately, this time they got too reckless in trying to remain anonymous. Their I.P. address is located in a building managed by Avanta, who outsource their internet services to ‘Essensys’ - in other words, the troll’s ISP. I happen to know someone who works in that building. It’s sad, isn’t it, how vindictive some people can be? Maybe it's time for me to stop biting my tongue and finally retaliate.
      Oh, and what's wrong with accepting a gift?

  5. there are those in this life whose sole mission is to be a Grinch. Tant pis. *builds bridge for troll*

    1. Yes Carol - but it's pitiful when you find out that it's someone that you know though.

  6. I filled in a form at Tesco's, saying how nice the staff were, and when I came to the bit where they asked what I'd like to see in my local store, I suggested Douwe Egberts Morning Americano. Lo, they now stock Morning Americano. We do what we can.