Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Coming over a bit Paltrow

It is with hearts full of joy that Mr Misfit and I have decided to stay together - like there was ever any doubt!  We don’t see it as hard work to keep our marriage going because we’re happy - we know that times are difficult but we’ll come through them - together.

It’s not easy to maintain our privacy when I’m plastering it all over the World Wide Web - but, hey-ho!

We are consciously coupling - what a great idea, eh? 

Love, Mr & Mrs Misfit


  1. I am utterly gobsmacked by every aspect of this (them not you) What a STUPID expression. Sorry to offend all the newagey touchy-feely mindfully people, but I'm 63 and I say what I think. It's called divorce, love. And however you serve it up, it devastates and destroys your kids. Who blame themselves. I see no sign of adultery/cruelty in Ms Paltrow's marriage - just the admission that 'it is difficult to be in a relationship for 10 years.Yes, it is. So that's why you have to work at it!!! BH and I have been married for 39 years.We don't believe in divorce, and on our wedding day, we promised to be with each other for life. Gawd. Did I say this makes me sick? I did? Good.

    1. Thanks Carol - it made me want to spew so I just had to have my own little dig. New-age poop, if you ask me!