Friday, 28 February 2014

FUNKY FRIDAY - with reader and friend Moira Kennard

How happy am I to be welcoming someone I know in real life on this FUNKY FRIDAY? It's the lovely Moira, who became a friend through our husbands with a story that I cannot tell as it's too rude and may involve a swear word beginning with the letter 'C'.  Drum roll please, as Moira and I chat over a crate of wine, a curry and some sweeties (yes, we've done this before - but the last time it also involved teens, husbands, nipples(!), gargling(!), bed at about 4am and massive hangovers!).  Trust me, it was a night to remember!

So, Moira, what type of book will keep you up all night turning the pages?

Apart from yours? (good answer, Moira! You can come again!) If I find a book I enjoy I find it really difficult to put it down. Cecilia Aherne for example. Some of hers are funny and some aren't, but they will pretty much without fail have me desperate to see what's coming next. This may be a bit controversial but I absolutely love Jeffery Archer's novels. They will keep me up at night. I have read them all, some more than once.  I read most of the Harry Potter books in as few sittings as possible so they definitely kept me up.

What type of book makes you want to chuck it at the wall?

I don't think I have ever wanted to throw a book at the wall (well, not since I left school, anyway). I tend to research a book a bit, especially if I don't know the author and most of what I read has been recommended. I'm not really into historical stuff although I do rather enjoy Kate Mosse's books and Victoria Hislop's - so no, nothing really I'm afraid. If I thought it was likely to be a wall chucker, I wouldn't pick it up.

What's your ideal nibble and tipple when you're reading?

Well, obviously I don't drink or eat very much.  Yeah, OK, I do but nothing in particular when I'm reading as more often than not I'm in bed with my pint of water. I'm painting a very interesting picture of myself aren't I?

Oh, Moira - the image of you with a pint of water is one that I'm finding just a bit tricky!  Moving swiftly on ... As an avid reader, would you ever be tempted to pen your own book?

I did start one. I wrote about 4,000 words on quite a personal level, adding a bit of humour, but then I went and got a job.  I've not picked it up again despite not working anymore but it is on my list of things to do for this year so we will see.  There is a lot of stuff on that list that isn't anywhere near completion, including (and I quote, so excuse the language) 'Eat less shit' and 'Drink less shit'. Maybe I will succeed with the book ...

You're invited to become the new face of 'Loose Women' as the book reviewer - do you accept?

Oh good Lord, no.  I can't stand that programme I'm afraid. I'm not very good at daytime telly apart from Neighbours and Doctors. I've never missed an episode of either. Again painting a sad picture.

Can you remember the first book you read that had you hooked on reading?

Yep. As a kid it was Gobolino the Witch's Cat and as an adult it was definitely Kane & Abel by Jeffery Archer. I've read it a few times since and I think I will be persuading my 15 year old daughter to give it a go soon if I can get her away from her studying Pride & Prejudice which she is finding to be a page turner.

 Happy memories, eh Moira?
Our kids may be all grown up now but the bond lives on! 

Thanks so much for joining me today, 'Mad Moira', and also for being such a huge supporter of my books and my dream.  You've now become one of the biggest members of 'Team Misfit' and your help with editing and proof reading is invaluable - we love you and your horrible husband! 

You can follow this lovely lady on Twitter @Moiraken

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