Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Hitting the Big Five-Oh!

As I approach my 50th birthday, I’ve been having a little think about the things I’ve learnt.  Old age does that to you!  In my head I’m still eighteen but the mirror tells another story.  How on earth did I hit half a century?  And how much of the second half do I have left?  Scary stuff!

Here’s a few things I discovered with the wisdom of maturity.  (Hah!)

My face takes longer to wake up - but by the time it’s awake it’s usually time to go to bed again.

I’m far stronger than I thought I was and can cope with a fair amount before I start to crack.  When that happens I know it’s time for early nights, a pep-talk from hubbie, a big breath and a step back from everything.  Four migraines in a week was my body’s way of talking to me - now I know when to listen.

My hair doesn’t grow as quickly as I’d like it to.  ONE WHOLE YEAR of minuscule trims and it’s still not reached my shoulders.  My Goddaughter will have to wait a while for the promised perm.  Lesson learnt - never make a promise on New Year’s Eve after too many glasses of bubbly!

There are some things you have no control over and simply have to be pushed from your mind.

Cooking, cleaning, washing and family get in the way of writing.  Working from home has its advantages but husbands, teens and mothers always want a piece of you just at the wrong time.  The hero might be moving in for that first kiss but if it’s time to don the chauffeur’s hat, he just has to wait.

I can get ready to go on an impromptu night out in less than half an hour - including hair wash.  Gone are the teenage days of three hours of primping, preening and a mountain of discarded clothes on the bed.

I’ve been astonished by the kindness of strangers who have gone on to become friends.  Twitter was alien to me just over two years ago - now I’ve made connections with people I would never have met and many have touched my life in ways I would never have thought possible.

I can introduce myself as a writer and not feel a sham.  I’ve been told that Indies are lucky to sell 200 books.  I’ve sold each of mine in the thousands and I earn a wage from my stories.  It’s not an easy way to make a living, and if the right book deal came my way I’d bite the publisher's hand off, but for now it keeps us ticking along.

I can’t do two late nights on the trot - and if I do, I’m like a zombie for the next two days.  Me!  The party animal!  Who’d have thought it?

Bed is still the best place in the world.  There’s nothing like climbing into those sheets after a lovely bath. Aaaah!  And now, instead of having a head full of worries, I plot and plan my books.  See!  I can work in bed too.

Yoga definitely makes me feel better both physically and mentally.  I just have to creep up on myself each morning and get it done.  I don’t want to be a bent over old lady!

Chocolate will always have a hold over me but not feeling guilty about eating it makes it calorie free (it’s true!)Having lost a stone in the last four months, it may even aid weight loss - you heard it here first.

I must never Google medical symptoms.  I’ve diagnosed myself at death’s door so many times, it’s amazing I’m here to write this blog.  Hubbie can often be heard saying, ‘Oh!  It didn’t kill you again this time, then?  Phew!’

My husband is the strongest, funniest, most supportive, practical and logical person I know.  Not a day goes by that we don’t have a laugh or I thank God for bringing him to me.  He’s my rock - even when he is attempting dodgy dance moves in the kitchen.

So that’s about it.  I’m off now as I think I just heard the postman - no doubt with yet more Saga and Over 50’s plans.  Sheeesh!


  1. Hahaha..I look down from my soon to be 64 years and say: Bed, bath, chocolate, prosecco, husbands, mates all get better and better. As will you!!! HPB whenever!

  2. I'm not far behind Carol here…60 next year! But I reckon life just gets better, so enjoy the next ten years Amanda... and the rest!! Happy birthday!