Sunday, 1 December 2013

My Growing Stable

It's 1st December and I'm a combination of nerves and excitement as I prepare to bring out my next full length novel on the 12th.  Yes, aside from my two Christmas novellas, I'll soon have SIX books on my shelf.  Pretty cool, huh?

Want to know what it's called?  Want a tiny clue about the plot?

Well, you'll have to wait until Tuesday when I plan to post the blurb, first chapter and reveal my yummy cover.

Until then, let me tell anyone visiting my blog for the first time about the other books I've written.  All of these are priced under £2 and I'm told are packed with laughs and the occasional tear too.  If you'd like to read a preview of any of these, simply go to the link, hover over the book cover to the left and click to "Look Inside".

First up, we have DIARY OF A MUMMY MISFIT - a kind of grown up Bridget Jones for any woman who's ever felt that she doesn't belong.  Join Libby at the school gates with her buddy Fenella and grab your handbags at dawn as they discover the difference between the Haves and the Have-Nots.

The sequel, THE DARKER SIDE OF MUMMY MISFIT, continues to follow Libby as times get tougher and her integrity is questioned.  More laughs but a few sobs too.

I then moved on to my first work written in novel format rather than diary.  COMPLETING THE PUZZLE tells the story of Fee as she hits mid-life and discovers that she's about to enter a whole new and exciting chapter.

Next up is STILETTOS & STUBBLE - a romcom set in a drag club, where larger-than-life Persephone finds out  'it's what's inside that counts.'

This summer's release was LOTTIE'S LUCK - what happens when your luck runs out and fate takes control?

My two Christmas novellas (at just 77p) are CHRISTMAS DELIVERANCE  - all families have secrets but how deep do they run?

And CINDERELLA'S BUTTONS - can a panto wake up the sleepy village of Tideswell and help the inhabitants find love?

So there they all are - my babies.  Let me know if you have a favourite and please pop along on Tuesday for news of my latest book release, hitting the shelves on 12th December.

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  1. Goodness Amanda am behind with your work and will look forward to a lovely catch up! Marvellous. :)