Sunday, 17 February 2013

My School Disco - at 49

Today is my 49th birthday.  Scary stuff, huh?  One more year to the big five-oh!

So on Friday we decided to have a 'School Disco' dinner party with some close friends - it took a bit of the old grey matter to dredge up my memories of the late 70's but it was great fun and a lovely dose of nostalgia.

It was also the perfect way to throw a party on a budget - see what you think of our ideas - I'd imagine this came to under £30 for the whole event (booze aside).

First we had the table settings - made by my own fair hands.  Drink mats and sweetie boxes, filled with fruit pastilles.  No classy chocolates at a school disco!

*   *   *   *

Centre piece made of Drumsticks and Chupa Chups

Bow tie serviettes and pencils at the ready for homework! (quiz)

Cake stand made from old vinyl (Kate Bush Album/New Seekers Single)
Monster Munch, old concert tickets and a pic of me at 15!!

Hubbie ready for action!
I gave him a great black eye too!

Me ready for action!

The blackboard and easel my dad made
for me 45 years ago came in handy.

The 'One Direction' fan arrived in PE kit!

One of the public school boys - minus tie at this point.

 We danced.

A lot!

Girls with attitude!

Yes, I really married him!

Shepherd's pie and baked beans or spaghetti hoops was
followed by jam sponge and custard (no lumps though!)

Entertainment was a picture quiz - album covers from the 70's and 'The Gargling Game' - songs from the 70's done by gargling with water.  A particularly wet game as it's hard to gargle and giggle - as my friend said, 'Can you please guess this song soon, I'm drowning here!'

Music was all my favourites from the 70's - The Police, Blondie, The Pretenders etc. and we bopped the night away - friend in her best DM's!

And today I received lovely cards and presents from friends and family.  But the card that literally made me drop my toast on the floor was from my 17 year old son.  As many of you will know, we will be appearing on ITV's This Morning on Tuesday, talking about school phobia.  SO ... my son decided to photo shop my head onto Holly Willoughby's and THIS was the result!

And this was the back - I LOVE it!

What a clever son I have and what lovely friends for making my birthday so special.  If you fancy tuning into ITV on Tuesday morning, I'll be the terrified one on the sofa looking at the camera like a rabbit in the headlights!

Happy Birthday to me.


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful time! Great idea for the centre-piece. I LOVE drumsticks. Happy Birthday and will try to catch you on ITV on Tuesday :-)

  2. Thanks for sharing the party - the photos are great! Love the school outfits and all the decorations. Looks like you had a lot of fun. The special Birthday card is terrific. Looking forward to seeing your appearance on ITV.

  3. Brilliant idea - bet everybody LOVED it - 'homemade' parties are always the best. I have to say, from an oldie's perspective, you are wearing well for 49. hahahaha.