Monday, 10 December 2012

'Stilettos & Stubble' is Officially Launched!

‘Stilettos & Stubble', my new romcom novel was officially launched on Saturday and we set it off on its literary journey in style.


Me - well I kind of had to be there.

Hubbie - he always insists on an invite!
Three close friends who have supported me in so many ways in my writing career - the lovely lady in the photos is my sounding board, proof-reader and general partner in oh-so-many crimes.

Wearing tiaras in an unusual fashion.


Our kitchen/dining area needed to be transformed into ‘The Gossamer Glove’ - feathers, sparkles, lights and PINK provided the theme.

 Feather boas where resurrected from drawers and put to good use as a chandelier and welcome archway.

My customised drink mats - I made them by covering with personalised wrapping paper bought from eBay.

 My totally camp centre-piece made from flowers from Poundland and sparkling lights from Asda.
(à la Misfit!)

  The overall look - complete with tiara name card holders, champagne bubbles and handbags of chocs.


My lovely son finally downloaded my chosen playlist - some of which can be heard here.


Continuing with the pink theme, we started with champagne and frozen fruits (booze courtesy of my lovely Twitter friend, Jackie).

(This is where the photos stopped for a while - we were too hungry! But the food went as follows.)

Cream of roasted red pepper and tomato soup with PINK bread!

Salmon (PINK) fillets with tomatoes, parmesan and dill.  Dauphinoise potatoes, green beans and asparagus.  With PINK garlic dressing.

PINK champagne and mixed berry jelly and PINK cupcakes.

 I was so proud of my Danny la Rue cake topper - he was gorge!

Cheese and biscuits - no PINK, sadly.


During my food serving time, I provided a picture quiz to keep people occupied- ‘Name that Gay’ - self explanatory really!  Fifteen celebs with their eyes blacked out waiting for my guests to identify them.  Boy George was a tricky one as he was sans hat (and hair!) - I do like to offer a challenge.

After the main course we moved on to, ‘Pin the Di*k on the Drag.’  We gave each of our guests an A3 sheet of paper with Danny la Rue's head (!) pasted at the top.  They all had to draw a naked (but sexless) drag queen in a suitable pose ready to have a penis attached IF they were chosen as the winner.

Cue my 17 year old son to appear from his virtual world of computer games to do the judging.  No, he didn’t think it odd - he’s grown up in this madhouse and knows what we’re capable of.

The drag chosen, we stuck it to the fridge door and off we went, penis and blu-tac in hand, ready to fire!  As you can see, results were unexpected (or expected if you have a filthy mind!).

 The finished drags

 I'm aiming with my penis.

 A bad shot!

This very simple game provided much laughter for five very silly adults.

After our dessert, it was a game for just the men-folk.  Well, I couldn’t host a drag themed event and have them looking so ‘normal’ could I?  Mean?  Me?  Yes!  So we moved on to ‘Pass my Package’.

Again, a variation on the children’s game, I handed them a parcel and the music started up.  Each time it stopped, they would unwrap to find … a scarf, a pair of earrings, a hat … until eventually they were all dressed and ready to hit the stage of any drag club.  Much cheating and slow motion/chucking followed until the final opening revealed a pair of gossamer gloves - very appropriate, don’t you think?

Sadly, these are the photos!!!


And for some strange reason (but we are talking my friends!) the very attractive black flower worn by one of my ‘drags’ suddenly took on a life of his own as 'Colin the Ferocious Fascinator' - sipping the champagne bubble blowers, having a smoke, wearing a tiara and providing us with a running commentary of the evening. It’s never normal in The Misfit House!

Our final game was ‘Dear Aunt Tittie’ - in much the same way as ‘Consequences’, each person had to write a drag queen’s dilemma to an agony aunt and then pass their concealed problem to the next person for the response.  The one that provided the most giggles went like this:

Dear Aunt Tittie

When I wear a bikini, I’m not sure where to put ‘it’.

I’ve tried sticking it to the left and to the right but nothing works.

If you were me, would you try the front or the back?




Dear Reader

Lubricate well, lean forward and touch your toes and I’m sure the situation will improve.


Aunt Tittie.

And that was the launch for my latest novel.  I had a great time - with a bit of singing and dancing thrown in, it was the perfect way to toast my book.  Hope you’ve enjoyed my pictures and, if you haven’t yet, why not grab a copy of ‘Stilettos & Stubble’ and see what all the fuss is about.  Available at Amazon and Lulu.

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  1. WOW Amanda - looks like you had a great launch party! And what fantastic party games too! I am loving this book, hi-lar-i-ous! Made myself look a complete idiot in the dentist earlier when I found out the name of the new act and I laughed and snorted out loud at the same time and had to disguise it with a cough! Brilliant. Kim xxx