Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Get That Champagne On Ice!

'Stilettos and Stubble,’ is completed (see Chapter One here) and now in the hands of hubbie for a thorough edit.  It’s not his hands I’m worried about though, it’s his fine toothed comb and eye for detail.

In many ways, this is a good thing - I need it to be as perfect as is humanly possible - but in other ways it can be a nightmare. Each sentence can cause a mini war, each word a heated debate!  Sometimes I have to stand my ground and insist that I’ve repeated a word for effect or chosen a particular adjective because it’s the one I feel is the most fitting. This is my baby you’re messing with, Buddy, so be very careful!

Some typos will always manage to slip through the net and as Indies it’s the one thing readers love to have a dig about.  We are not the only ones who make mistakes!  The book I’m currently reading, by a very well known writer and published by a very well known house, is littered with mistakes - missing words, changing the spelling of a name and even sentences that have lost meaning.  It’s a cracking read though, so I’ll stick with it, but shame on the PAID editors.

So, while hubbie edits I continue to promote my other three books, plan my new book launch and … after a brief panic that another plot would never come to me again, I am toying with the seeds of an idea for Book Five.  I’d planned to give myself a break and just kick back for a while but sadly, this doesn’t appear to be the case.  It’s very exciting to have new characters appear in my head and I welcome them as they arrive. No notes have been made yet, the party is all happening in my mind and this could go on for a couple of weeks, but watch this space …
In other news, since offering ‘The Diary’ free for three days in September, I’ve been selling books like hot cakes!  If only I’d listened to advice and done it sooner, but hindsight is a wonderful thing.

Also, I’m currently in talks with a new production company who want to record both the diaries as audio books as part of their end of year launch.  I’m waiting to hear the sample reading and am very keen to hear their take on Libby and her mad mummy world.  All very exciting!

I’m looking forward to seeing the first mock-up of my cover for ‘Stilettos and Stubble’ - this is when it all starts to feel real for me.  It’s a bit like buying that first babygro when you’re pregnant - the reality hits!  This is happening.  Soon I shall have four books on my bookshelf - all proudly displaying the name Amanda Egan - and that’s a fantastic feeling.

So that’s the update for the week.  If you’re hanging out for my new offering, we’re aiming for release on Wednesday 28th November (both Kindle and Lulu) and I shall be celebrating with a very camp book launch on 6th December.  Blog and photos will follow!

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  1. A new book brewing is wonderful news! Now I will be able to read the next one without feeling sad when it is over. It sounds like your home is a busy place. It is great that it has become a family project. Be patient with your man...you are lucky to have him.he is worth his weight in gold. As far as I can see the two of you make a great team. I will be ready to place my order with Lulu as soon as it is listed..let me know.
    Congrats on your success!

  2. Gosh - I can't keep up with you! This is all brilliant news. And all throroughly deserved rewards XX

  3. Wow! You've been so busy! I can't wait until the day I see four of my own books instead of the groaning pile of rejects in my office!!!

    So hard spotting and editing typos. Carol is right, you are lucky to have your man. In the absence of a useful man in my life, I've got friends reading my latest effort at the moment. The upside is no arguments, the downside I'm worried about how honest they will feel able to be! x