Sunday, 12 November 2017

Blimey! It's the 1950's!

Last night saw the culmination of months of work for my third fundraiser in memory of my mum for Age UK, Wandsworth.

Friends, family and strangers (some who came last year and are fast becoming friends!) donned their 50's finery and sang and danced their way back to the era of leather jackets, swing dresses and pedal pushers.

We raised just over £1,100 and I think everyone who attended would say that it was a night to remember - the pictures speak for themselves. As usual The Telgraph Pub, Putney, provided a great back-drop for the event and I look forward to working with them for next year's 60's night.

Special thanks go to my wonderful husband, my son and his fiancée, Mireille and Alan, Toby and my side-kick 'Fenella' - I couldn't have done any of it without you fabulous people.

Also, thanks to Emma at Age UK, who came with a couple of her friends and set the dance floor on fire with their glamour and moves!

 A rather picture-heavy blog, but these capture the mood of the evening:

College freshman and the Grease monkey

Fabulous Emma from Age UK and her posse

He had a gingham bow-tie on in that fur somewhere!

My baby!

The boys! He-e-e-y!!

Stunning cup-cakes from 'Fenella' raised £93


The table settings

Me and my men

Not quite Danny and Sandy!

The welcome stand that took me months and will now go to the dump.

Having a breather after air-guitaring

Waiting for the raffle

The 50's aren't complete without a pearly queen

Peggy, my mummy - the black and white photo of her was in the 50's on her honeymoon

Which karaoke number shall we do?

The raffle table

A rush to get ready but we made it!

Check out the 50's baseball boots!

Pretty in Pink

Karaoke for the brave ones

Tense raffle moment

A winning ticket!

Hubbie drilled a lot of holes through those records to make the mobiles

50's sisters

Age UK won the flowers but presented them to me!

Glamour pusses

My trusty raffle helper on the left

'Chrissie Cadillac' leads the revellers in a four-step

The dumped cabinet we found, transformed beautifully

They've got the Colgate look ...

With 31 prizes, the raffle takes forever


  1. How much fun (at the end of a lot of hard work!). Thank you for sharing all the pics to give us a bit of the feel of being there. Wish I was close enough to rescue props from going to the dump - they would suit my Retro Diner. Loved every bit of the styling, the costumes and the entertainment portrayed in the pics. Fabulous - and lots of Prizes makes for happy winners. Great effort by your fam-bam and friends 😍 Maybe all the props can go to someone else planning a 50's party?

  2. That looks wonderful and amazing!!! Thanks for sharing.

  3. It was a fabulous evening- well done. You put so much time and effort into everything. We had a wonderful evening x

  4. I am in awe yet again at your and your helpers' creativity and the amount of work you do. It was a very good night - and the food was much better than last year! 1960s next?

  5. As always I am in awe of your (collectively) creativity and hard work. It was a great evening. 1960s next year///

  6. The nelson family14 November 2017 at 17:40

    Well done to you.. as always a wonderful evening.

  7. Glad you had lots of fun and for a great cause xx